Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Free vintage crochet pattern: 1940s Fantastic Frilled Hat

Hurrah for hats!!!
And hurrah for crocheting your own! This super cute hat pattern comes from F&K Hats, Bags and Mittens Volume 25, I'm thinking early 1940s?

free vintage knitting pattern crochet hat 1940s

It's made from a worsted weight yarn, and crocheted on a 3.5mm hook (Bone Size 4).
I hope you like it!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Mardi Gras and Viva Las Vegas

Well, I know technically the Sydney Mardi Gras was last weekend - but it's taken me at least a week to recover.

This year's Mardi Gras season was really hectic - mainly because Dykes on Bikes featured so heavily in a few things - we even got interviewed for TV!
That's right, if you'd like to see yours truly being interviewed by Channel Ten you can watch our segment here...

But back to the Parade!
Jakk and I decided 'Vintage Western' was our theme this year, which meant some last minute sewing for me (and Jakk already having a complete outfit in her wardrobe to draw from).

Check out the Polly's my friend is wearing - she looks fab!

I whipped up my entire outfit in the week before Mardi Gras (except for the shirt).

The shirt pattern is Smooth Sailing (from Wearing History), the gaucho pants are modified EvaDress Swing Trousers, and the bolero is cut from the Smooth Sailing Pattern.

I used a vintage 1950s pattern for a cowboy shirt to sew the western pockets with hand-made arrowhead tacks. I was going to post a photo of the pattern, but then I found a tutorial on Colette which explains it so much better.

My hat was just a cheapie one from Spotlight, and I wrapped cord around the edges to make it look more authentic - boy, I'd love to get a real one!

As for shoes, well, I'm yet to find cowboy boot that fit my calves so Minnetonka moccasins it is. Can't wait to grab some more when I head to The States in a few weeks....

Wait, the USA! That's right cats - we're heading back for Viva Las Vegas!

And this year it's going to be massive! LA-Palm Springs-Vegas-Chicago-Boston-Seattle-Yellowstone National Park-Portland-Seattle-Hawaii.

I hope I get to see some new and familiar faces as Viva - make sure you say hi!

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