Monday, February 08, 2016

FO: Salvador Dali Poodle Skirt

I've always loved the imagery of  Salvador Dali, and especially his collaboration with Schiaparelli in 1937 to produce the iconic lobster dress.
It was  actually Gerard Nerval who had the pet lobster, not Dali 
So here's my 1950's nod to Salvador and Schiaparelli!

My inspiration was the traditional felt poodle skirts with a dog on a leash like below.
Original for sale on Etsy at THEGIRLCANTHELPIT

I self-drafted a circle skirt out of stretch cotton sateen as I wanted a firm smooth finish that I could wear here in Australia - felt isn't ideal. The lobster is made from red felt though, and handstitched to the skirt (I also hand stitched his eye).

The chain is gold sequin trim - yep, handstitched that down as well!

Pattern Notes: When sewing a circle skirt - make sure you let it hang for a couple of days before hemming. Parts of the skirt will be on the bias, and it will drop.

I took the skirt (also called Pinchy) on it's first outing to the Sydney Rock and Roll Markets - and somehow managed to co-ordinate with my friend Nina perfectly.

vintage 1940s lobster brooch lucite brooch

And just to prove how much I love lobsters, here's one of my favourite vintage lucite brooches...

Would I make this again?
One lobster circle skirt is enough.... or is it? Maybe a circle skirt with a lot of lobsters dancing around the bottom? 

I think I had better stop now!

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