Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Camperdown Cruise happy snaps

It's October, and that means Camperdown Cruise time!

I totally forgot to bring my camera, but luckily I can share photos from Instagram with you.

This year we tried something different and drove down from Sydney to Camperdown - a trip of over 2,000 kms return! It did mean for some great site-seeing - starting with the Big Merino in Goulburn.

Aussies have a tradition of making 'big' thing tourist traps - there's even a list of them on Wikipedia here to plan your next roadtrip.

Next up was Holbrook - home to the inland submarine HMAS Otway.

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The submarine is a must-see on the trip from Sydney to Victoria.

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We decided to stop at a little hotel on the way - it had an amazingly kitsch sign from the 1950s out the front.

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Does anyone else choose their accomodation based on how retro or vintage it looks?

Our accomodation for the cruise was 15 minutes down the road from Camperdown - a boutique hotel in Mt Noorat.

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We loved this place! Full of old wood and antiques, and a brilliant restuarant downstairs that has great vegetarian food.

This photo waas from the Friday night of the festival - I went for an 'easy to dance in' outfit of Avanti Tea-Timer, swing pants and re-mix wedges.

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The Cruise itself was fun as always! Jakk got to meet Jai Malano (one of her favourite singers) and I got to drink cocktails in the Tiki Lounge.

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It was really great to get away from the hustle of Sydney and spend some time hanging out in rural Victoria listening to amazing bands.

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Fingers are crossed we can also make it for 2017, we can't wait to see the band line up!

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