Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern Booklet - Twin-Prufe Series 144 (c. 1950s)

And here's Anna's final patternbook from her mother's collection - Twin-Prufe Series 144,

free knitting pattern patterns 1950s twinprufe twin prufe booklet scan

I've previously shared a pattern from this booklet (Spring Magic, wow back in 2010), and can attest to it's fabulousness. I believe it comes from the early 1950s.

The booklet is filled with airy knits, perfect for Spring and lace lovers.

All of the styles are to fit a 32-34 inch bust, with instructions for a 36 inch.

I hope you enjoy these patterns (and Anna's hard work), and the complete booklet is available as a PDF here at this link.
(please note I have put a light watermark on them, only to stop people re-selling Anna's copies)


nays said...

Thanks heaps!!! Twin-Prufe/Sun-Glo are such beautiful books.

fabriquefantastique said...

i printed it and am delighted, I read old patterns like novels. Now, to find the right yarn

Nicole Needles said...

Loving this - I'm going to add Tropicale to my list of things to knit!

matkailijakirppu said...

Lovely lacey patterns! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Katie said...

It's so fascinating to see my favourite Sun-glo under a different name... again! I picked up a Woolworths' Economy knitting book a while back and was delighted to discover that the patterns were designed by Sun-glo. Now it seems I need to keep a look out for Twin Prufe, too.

They are absolutely glorious patterns and I want to knit almost everything in this book.

Thanks for scanning and sharing this with us!

Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

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