Sunday, September 04, 2016

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern Booklet - Busy Fingers Vol 1, c. 1950s

Here's Anna's second booklet, Busy Fingers Vol 1. Unfortunately I haven't been able to date this one but it's definitely in the 1950s sometime.

The booklet is full of fun little things, such as hats, gloves, lace and jumpers.

I really love this amazing lace shawl - it has a sleeve on one end! Crazy!

I hope you enjoy these patterns (and Anna's hard work), and the complete booklet is available as a PDF here at this link.
(please note I have put a light watermark on them, only to stop people re-selling Anna's copies)


nays said...

Thanks so much, Bex and Anna! Some interesting patterns in there. The cardigan on the cover is gorgeous.

Suzanne McClendon said...

These look like fun patterns to try! Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a blessed week!

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