Thursday, September 01, 2016

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern Booklet - SunGlo Series 92 (circa 1947)

Hello lovelies!
A gorgeous reader named Anna was kind enough to share some whole scanned booklets from her mother's collection for me to list here for you. I'll be putting the other two up over the new few days.

The first one is Sun-Glo Series 92, dated to 1947 according to this advertisement on Trove.

free vintage knitting patterns repro 1940s sunglo 92 booklet

All of the styles are to fit a 32-34 inch bust, with instructions for a 36 inch.

I especially like the sleeves on this one below

I hope you enjoy these patterns (and Anna's hard work), and the complete booklet is available as a PDF here at this link.
(please note I have put a light watermark on them, only to stop people re-selling Anna's copies)

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Rachel McFie said...

Thank you Anna. Thank you Subversive Femme. These are gorgeous. Rx

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