Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blue Mountains Road Trip (plus sneak peeks of the Hydro Majestic)

This weekend Jakk and I packed the car and headed on up to the Lady Luck Festival in Katoomba for some dancing and antique-ing.
3 sisters three sisters motel katoomba kitsch neon sign


While we didn't take any photos of the festival (mainly cars this year, not so much fashion) we did have a great time dancing and hanging out.

We stopped overnight in a little guesthouse in Medlow Bath, which is just down the road from the newly re-opened Hydro Majestic.

hydro majestic medlow bath vintage 1940s 1950s

The Hydro was opened in 1904, originally as a sanitarium for the wealthy to come and bathe in the mineral springs. Unfortunately the springs dried up and the owners had to truck in mineral water from Germany!


 The Hydro went through a few owners, and declined in the 1990s - it's been pretty much abandoned for the past 10 years until a new owner bought it in 2012.

A lot of the hotel is off limits to non-guests, but we snuck around a bit, trying to look like we belonged.

Most of the renovation has been tastefully done, but some of it was a bit over the top like the black perspex chandeliers (why??). The gardens are still lovely though.

And of course the amazing view never changes! Amazing waking up to that every morning.

We're hoping to come back and have High Tea for our wedding anniversary (prices start at $50 per person in case you're interested).


  • Lurex top - opshop
  • Sailing ships skirt - Sail Away by Retrospec'd
  • Shoes - ReMix Vogue
  • Belt - opshop
  • Handbag - Mimco bowler
Hope you had a grand weekend too!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tell me what you'd like to see (and make)

I love sharing vintage knitting patterns (and ephemera) - but I would love to tailor them to what you'd like to see.

Would you mind taking two seconds to vote in the below poll?

What is your preferred decade?
Are you a Gatsby fan, or a 1940's war re-enactor? Let me know which is you preferred decade and I'll try to list more patterns from that era.

Which decade do you prefer?


Poll Maker

Do you love a good twin-set, or only knit gloves?
Let me know by choosing your favorite thing to make.

What kind of vintage patterns would you like?

Jumpers and sweaters
Accessories (gloves, hats, scarves, etc)
Dresses and suits
Evening or fancy knits


And finally, if I've missed something or you'd like to see more ephemera (Fashion Supplements, sewing tutorials) let me know in the comments.

Thanks for your input!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Pop to Popism, Art Gallery of NSW

Every now and then, you can find fun (and free) things to do in Sydney... very important when you're trying to save the pennies.

Last night a group of went to a talk on 1950s fashion, as part of  'Pop to Popism' at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The exhibition is about pop-art (mid 50s to mid 70s), and is a great reason to get dressed up!

re-mix remix picasso wedges review

Sarah Doyle (amazing vintage maven and friend) gave an interview about her wardrobe and wearing vintage everyday - something a lot of us can resonate with.

I wore Re-Mix wedges and 1950's printed dress, that looks a little bit like a Mexican handpaint. The bodice is cut on the diagonal to take advantage of the stripey pattern.

sunsurf sun surf 1940s rayon vintage shirt repro roosters cocks

Jakk wore her (in)famous rooster shirt - a 1940s repro by SunSurf. Guys always go wild for her shirt when she wears it.

Plus - there was a band and dancing afterwards!

The Art Gallery has a few more talks and free events on for the duration of the exhibition, so check them out if you're nearby.

mexican handpaint dress blue plus size xl 1950s 1940s vintage skirt

My outfit:
  • 1950's painted dress - Etsy
  • Shoes - ReMix Picasso
  • Bakelite bracelets - Etsy
  • 1950s raffia bag - DonnaLand Vintage (Viva Las Vegas 2014)
  • Lobster brooch - Williamsburg Flea Market
  • Sunglasses - Modcloth
Jakk's outfit:
  • Rooster Shirt - Sunsurf
  • Swing pants - Retrospec'd
  • Hat - Goorin Brothers
  • Sunglasses - Randolph Engineering

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year, and a happy new cardigan!

I hope you all had a fantastic start to 2015 - bedtime for us was 11pm, it's no secret I'm a nana!

And to celebrate the new year, how about a quick and easy 1940s cardigan in thick wool? The simple stitch would be great for a novice knitter, so if your new year's resolution was learning to knit this could be the pattern for you.

I really like the strong shoulders and nipped waist!

free vintage knitting patterns 1940s cardigan patons and baldwins

'Belinda' comes from Patons and Baldwins No. 172, circa 1944-1945.
The yarn is Patons Bonny, a 12-ply weight (or bulky weight) yarn, and is knitted up on 5.5mm and 6.5mm needles.

Finished sizes of 34 inch and 37 inch.

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