Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rock and Roll Markets and a sneaky hat fix.

This month's Rock and Roll Markets was meant to be a vintage showcase, which meant frocking up (more than normal).

miss l fire betty white 1940s lucite wicker handbag rayon dress plus size xl large

I wore a 1940's rayon day dress, with contrast collar and cuffs - it was pretty hot today and a good breathable choice. (I can't wear the big skirts and petticoats when I'm dancing, they make me feel like a hot and sweaty meringue).

Obligatory brooch close up of my 1940's carved lucite bow - I'm so worried about losing one of the bakelite berry balls as they're still on the original string.

'Frocking up' (to me) means wearing a hat, but I suffer from a lack of hats in my life. They're hard to dance in, and I don't trust that I can pick ones that suit my face.

But what of the sneaky hat fix?
I found the 1950s straw number for super cheap at a sale, and couldn't pass up on a bargain - the only problem is that it was very damaged around the brim.

It's been sitting with my other hats for over a year, waiting for a better life and now seemed like a good time.

I carefully steamed some velvet in ribbon in half and clipped it to the brim.

Run some gather stitches around the edges (to fit the ribbon the curve better) and then stitched down.

Viola! A new life for an old hat.

It wouldn't be the Rock and Roll Markets without some rock and roll dancing - I didn't realise Jakk was taking sneaky pictures until I got home!

And Strollin with some of the Sydney vintage crew, of course...

Another good weekend over, and I'm looking forward to the next markets in November.

Shoes - Miss L Fire Betty
Dress - 1940's Rayon, Etsy
Lucite Brooch - eBay
Wicker and Lucite Bag - eBay
Bakelite Bangles - Etsy
Sunglasses - Random shop in Long Beach, CA


Jessica Cangiano said...

You look absolutely, positively breathtaking, dear Bex! What a stunning outfit. That sublimely lovely red dress made my heart skip many a beat!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Bex said...

Aw thankyou for saying so! X

Mugsy's in Stitches said...

Amazing fix for a "much-loved" hat! I'll have to remember this... I so agree, it can be difficult to find what hats suit your face shape most times - unless you're willing to try on more hats than you can count in one sitting, anyways! *lol* And I own quite a few vintage hats, and certainly regretted the impulse buys because it was a good price and I loved the shape (although it didn't love me, apparently). The hat you lucked in to is fabulous on you, and really suits your outfit. :)

And yes, this is the same Mugsy / Catherine from Etsy and the heck are you?? :)

Amanda said...

I just came across your blog and I am so glad I found it. You have such a great style! Your dress is so fabulous

kate steeper said...

The dress is to die for , you would have fitted in a treat at the Lincoln UK Kustom Kulture event

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