Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Curvy Month Pattern 10: Juana, from High Fashion Knits (1950s)

Well, it's end of Curvy Month and I hope you've enjoyed this year's patterns.
I've saved this one to the end, for no reason other than I love the model!

This pattern is called Juana, and comes from High Fashion Knits c. 1953. It's a beautiful boat-necked top, with a braid trim around the top.

And gee I'd kill for her bird hat and gloves!

To Fit: 32-34-36-38 inch busts
Yarn: light fingering (3ply)
Needles: 3mm


Jessica Cangiano said...

Gorgeous!!! Sign me up for her whimsical hat and tres chic gloves, too, pretty please! :)

♥ Jessica

smartygirl said...

wow, that pattern looks so simple, but it's so cute!

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