Sunday, July 26, 2015

FO: 1950s Inspired Dungarees (the Gertie Jeans strike again!)

Oh Gertie Jeans, you're such a great pattern now that you fit properly - and I love your versatility.

1950s overalls dungarees womans plus size large denim vintage jeans

The pattern (Butterick 5895) was so easy to modinto dungarees/overalls - just add a bib front and straps. Viola!

bakelite bracelets bangles lucite handbag wicker 1950s vintage

As you can probably tell, I did change the pockets to slant pockets with a double line of top-stitching like the EvaDress jeans I made - it's how Freddies make theirs and I think it looks neat.

The bib-front was pretty much copied off the Freddies of Pinewood Dungaree Dolls, but with the addition of some side bust darts.

I used moderately stretchy denim, and a back zipper (like normal) so they're comfortable plus easy to get in and out of.

cement flamingo 1950s kitsch garden

Would I make these again? Hmm, probably not, as one pair of fitted dungarees is probably enough.

They are definitely a winner in my book though (I wore them to the Rock and Roll Markets in Sydney today) and I know I'll wear them a lot.
I'm going to make them up again as just plain jeans.

Just goes to show - spend the time to tweak a pattern to fit and you'll be rewarded with a lot of options.

  • Sunglasses - Modcloth
  • 1950s Lucite and Wicker handbag - eBay
  • 1950s Scarf - op-shop
  • Bakelite Bangles - Etsy
  • 1940s Cowboy Brooch - Etsy


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Very cute!

(Check the spelling of "voila.")

norafinds said...

Adore adore adore! They fit perfectly and they look oh so professional! I miss my sewing machine I really need to get back to doing more sewing!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Fabulously fun outfit! I love the idea of a small scarf tied jauntily around the neck worn with overalls. I'm definitely going to be trying those the next time I sport mine.

♥ Jessica

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