Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tell me what you'd like to see (and make)

I love sharing vintage knitting patterns (and ephemera) - but I would love to tailor them to what you'd like to see.

Would you mind taking two seconds to vote in the below poll?

What is your preferred decade?
Are you a Gatsby fan, or a 1940's war re-enactor? Let me know which is you preferred decade and I'll try to list more patterns from that era.

Which decade do you prefer?


Poll Maker

Do you love a good twin-set, or only knit gloves?
Let me know by choosing your favorite thing to make.

What kind of vintage patterns would you like?

Jumpers and sweaters
Accessories (gloves, hats, scarves, etc)
Dresses and suits
Evening or fancy knits


And finally, if I've missed something or you'd like to see more ephemera (Fashion Supplements, sewing tutorials) let me know in the comments.

Thanks for your input!


Claire Gittins said...

Bex, you are so generous to share any patterns! Thank you for asking for preferences though :-)

Esther said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I've been reading your blog for a while and absolutely love it and your style! Thanks for the patterns you have shared and are continuing too :)

garofit said...

Ha ha, I see those polls results so far show a very different preference to my own, but like Claire said, we are grateful for any patterns you share!

Amanda Stock said...

I just want to add my support behind the "grateful for any and all free pattern shares" camp! It's very generous of you to take the time to make these patterns available to the community. I have yet to knit one up myself, but I certainly plan to, and the inspiration is fantastic!

I wish I could choose multiple options in the poll, though. As a femme who loves vintage from the '20s through the '50s, I'm happy to see multiple eras represented. I think I'd love to see more '20s and '30s right now, because I'm in the mood for deco and fun details. And though I voted for accessories in the poll, evening and fancy knits are something I'm also interested in. Also, more beginner/intermediate friendly patterns would be wonderful. As someone who hasn't gotten very far with her knitting yet, vintage patterns are a little overwhelming if they're for a cardigan with all different pieces!

DaneMum said...

Wauw! New blog-design. It looks good

Sandra said...

Hi Bex Happy 2015.

I am all over the place when it comes to knitting. Love both 40's and 50's and would make any item from your list based on my mood.

Thanks for asking

Jessica Cangiano said...

It is so sweet and considerate of you to ask us what type of patterns and ephemera we'd like to see. Thank you for sharing all that you do here.

♥ Jessica

*PS* Your new blog design is AMAZING!

Bex said...

Garofit - which era would you like?

Bex said...

I'll try and share more easy Deco this year, promise ;)

Bex said...

Aw thanks Jessica!

Georgia Rose said...

I would looooove a pattern for a very plain cropped long sleeved 1950s cardigan with a round neck (as opposed to a V-neck). I would be forever in your debt if you found one and put it up, especially if it was scale-able to a 38in bust!

Rebecca said...

I think your style is amazing so whatever you share is always interesting and thank you very much for asking. The new blog design is great as well! I fancy myself a better sewist than knitter but any tutorial on the subjects are always welcome. Thanks again!

Shay said...

For us Enid-stared overseas visitors how about more Enid Gilchrist?

wellapptdesk said...

I know I voted contrary to a lot of folks but I don't often see a lot of vintage hat, glove or scarf patterns that aren't military related and relatively plain.

While I appreciate all the knitting that was done for the troops during this part of history, I'm curious what, if anything, ladies knitted for themselves. Thanks!

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