Thursday, November 13, 2014

The first annual Vintage Secret Santa gift exchange at Chronically Vintage

Jessica at Chronically Vintage is running the first annual Vintage Secret Santa gift exchange - if you'd like to sign up, just visit her blog here.

vintage secret santa gift present blog chronically vintage
 I think this is such a lovely idea to meet other vintage enthusiasts.

The gift exchange is open to all vintage-lovers around the globe, with some simple rules:
  • Gifts must be to the value of $15USD
  • Gifts should be vintage, vintage reproduction, vintage inspired or vintage appropriate, handmade or similar
  • Gifts need to be send by 12 December to arrive in time for Xmas day
Thanks to Jessica for organising this, I can't wait to be a secret santa.
(And don't forget to hashtag #vintagesecretsanta)


Jessica Cangiano said...

I wish you could see how much this fabulously nice (and very helpful) post is making me smile right now, sweet Bex. Thank you x a million for spreading the good word about CV's Vintage Secret Santa gift exchange. I appreciate it to no end and am super happy that you're taking part in it. Yay!!! :)

♥ Jessica

Laurence said...

I have already signed!!!! Would be fun to be paired with you!!!!

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