Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Noontide jumper-cardigan, from Style Volume 3 circa 1930s

I'm ever so slowly increasing my collection of Paton's Style booklets (only missing a couple now), and when I saw this pattern in my new Volume 3, I knew I had to share it with you!

free vintage knitting patterns 1930s cardigan 30s 32

Puffed sleeves, a decorative yoke, cute collar and even mock darts!

It has so many great details, except, it's a 32 inch bust size - ouch! Well, maybe some of you petite and talented knitters will make it up - it should be a quick knit in Totem 12-ply

To fit: 32 inch bust. Knitted on 5.5mm needles, on Bulky (12ply) weight yarn.


Cherry Darling said...

Oh my this is such a great pattern. I'm so sad to see that it's for 32' bust. Damn these 38's, lol. I am especially excited to see any vintage pattern that is NOT on 4-ply yarn. I would definitely knit more true vintage patterns if they weren't in such small weight yarn. I sure wish I was better at math so I could resize this one. Thank you for sharing, it is a great style inspiration

She Knits in Pearls

Tiina said...

Thanks for posting this lovely pattern! I'm knitting it right now.:)

Cherie said...

It is a verrrrrry long time since I had a 32 inch bust. That pattern is gorgeous though.

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