Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fifties Fair Day 24 August 2014, Rose Siedler House

Eep - it's only two days away!
Our pal Christine from Classic Vintage is the cover model!

We're really looking forward to the fashionable crowds and the music (Pat Capocci and Rusty Pinto are playing), fingers are crossed for no rain this weekend.

This Fifties Fair may be our last for a while, if they put the ticket prices up again ($50 this year compared to $30 last year) we won't be able to afford it. But I think we say this every year...

I have an appointment at Stirlings the day before for a vintage set, but alas I still have no idea what to wear!

Hopefully we get to see some other Sydney bloggers floating around, and be prepared for lots of photos to share with you after the weekend... hope yours is enjoyable too!



kate steeper said...

you look amazing ..its a pain when things you look forward to each year just get dearer and dearer . We have the same thing with the national scooter rallies, hence im sat at home this weekend and Mr Bah Humbug is going with his mates

Jessica Cangiano said...

That is a really substantial ticket rate hike in the span of just one year, wow. Granted, a lot of things have gone up that much (more) in the past one to three years, but still, I wouldn't expect a venue like this to almost double in price so quickly. Hopefully, at the very lest, they'll keep at $50 now for a really long time.

Have a fabulous time!
♥ Jessica

wardrobeexperience said...

i hope you both had a lot of fun today at the vintage fair!!!!

wow, but the price is shocking high ... wowwow!

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