Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Round She Goes Fashion Market, 17 May

Last weekend my pal Christine convinced me to go to Round She Goes, an indie/vintage/flea market that (suprisingly) we'd both never been to before.

I love vintage markets, even if you don't plan on buying anything it's a great place to wear a special outfit and have people 'get' it.

The weather was a bit iffy so I opted for a vintage cotton dress and slip,  instead of a rayon. There's just something about 1940's prints - I really love the random check pattern, and the fabric drapes beautifully.
miss l fire betty black
1940's cotton gauze dress - Crush Vintage
Shoes - Miss L Fire 'Betty'
Cardigan - Dangerfield
Red wicker bag - Chicago?
1940's ice tongs brooch and bakelite bangles - Etsy
Repro glasses - somewhere on 4th Street, Long Beach

If we thought this was going to be a small affair, we were very mistaken!

The queue just before the door opened was down the road, and you could barely move inside.

The stalls themselves were a mix of indie designs, true vintage (i.e. 40s-60s), retro (60s-90s) and current high-end designer stuff.
'Round She Goes' describes itself as a 'indoor market catering to pre-loved women's fashion', sorry guys - no menswear here!

It seems a few other people felt like putting on their favourite outfits too...

I loved this woman's beaded bag

That dress on the left was cute - biscuits and cakes!
There were a lot of familiar faces from other vintage shops here - it turns out a major Sydney institution, the Sydney Antique Centre, is closing and lot of sellers were down-sizing their collections.

I believe there were 60 stalls, and it sure felt like it!

And did I indulge too?

Unfortunately, there's some serious belt-tightening taking place here at Casa Del Homo which means cutting back on my clothing allowance (not that I had much of one to begin with). One nice 1940's rayon dress is all I'm afraid.

Vintage Review:
The prices for the 'good stuff' (40s-60) were quite resonable, ranging from $20-100 for a dress - although, to be honest, most of the good stuff was from sellers clearing out their stock/wardrobes. I'm not sure if it's a consistent range based on one visit.
Handbags were very pricey for some reason, $70-100 for a Glomesh Bag? Yowza.

For $2 entry, I will definitely go again - my only tip is get there at least 20 minutes before the doors open and bring some water as it gets quite hot.

Has anyone else been? What did you think?


Jessica Cangiano said...

Heaven, I'm in heaven! :) Or I would be, if I was there, too. Sigh, why, oh why aren't there more events like this here in Canada. I've been to antiques & collectibles fairs, but never a true vintage fair (though I do know of their existence in a few large cities). Fingers crossed 2014 is finally the year I can travel to my first someplace exciting like Vancouver or Victoria.

So glad you had a great time and found one new rayon frock to bring home with you.

♥ Jessica

Georgia Rose said...

Omggg, okay, I was there standing JUST behind you in line at the beginning and stared at you, like, a lot trying to figure out who you were! I KNEW I knew your face from somewhere but couldn't figure it out - duhhhh. I feel like an idiot, so sorry if you noticed a girl with long black hair in a rainbow stripey dress gawking at you.

This is also a kinda bizarre thing to say but you were in the company of a woman with a blonde-ish ponytail dressed in mostly black, right? Right at the start I saw her carrying a pink rose-print dress, obviously about to try it on, and I was like omg my dream dress :( I asked my shopping companions to keep an eye on it for me, and obviously your pal didn't buy it because my friend called me from the other side of the market and she'd found the dress for me! And it fits me PERFECTLY and is basically my dream dress, so I just wanna say thanks to your pal for not buying it! Haha.

osherose said...

"Casa Del Homo" I love it!

I would have been overwhelmed and out-spent at that event, but at the same time it would have been great to see all the lovely offerings.

Bex said...

Oh wow, I would have thought canada was crawling with vintage fairs? Hope you get a vintage fix soon x

Bex said...

Hilarious! I'm so glad you bought that dress, it was really lovely ;).
And no, I didn't notice you staring so you must be really discrete ;) hehe

wardrobeexperience said...

i could go green with envy ... this looks so fun (and a little stressful, to be honest). i really miss a regular vintage fashion market here in berlin ...
in july i hopefully will be able to visit toast and jam vintage market, which is known as a good vintage fair.i'm pretty excited about it.

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