Monday, May 19, 2014

Holiday Round Up - All the rest!

After leaving Vegas, our next stop was New York - one of favourite places!

The High Line, SoHo

This time we learnt our lesson and stayed in much cheaper Brooklyn in an artist's loft we rented through AirBnB.

Compared to Vegas, the weather was pretty cold and I was really glad to have found a 1940's trench coat at Viva to keep the wind out.

We even did a day trip to Philadelphia - the Mutter Museum of Medical History has been on my bucket list for ages, and I had no idea it was so close to New York (just over an hour on the train).

Jakk went to the Art Institute while I looked at things in jars.
No photos allowed unfortunately, but we also visited Eastern State Penitentiary, one of most famous prisons ever built and another bucket list item.

After a week in New York, it was on to Chicago and dinner with Tasha (of ByGumByGolly) and her lovely partner Mel.

We were really lucky to catch them before they flew to Dublin the next day.
They're such a sweet couple, I hope one day they'll make it down under so we can return the hospitality.

If we thought New York was cold, Chicago was freeeeeeezzzing.

This time we did a few of the walking tours around Chicago run by the Architecture Foundation - highly recommended, and don't forget comfortable shoes and warm gloves.

Donut store, near Damen Station

After bidding Chicago a fond farewell, we had a few days resting (and shopping) in Los Angeles - specifically the Queen Mary in Long Beach!

Did you know you can stay on it? Jakk loves ships, and we both love Art Deco, so it seemed the logical choice instead of staying in a boring old hotel.

A word on the Queen Mary.
It's historic, it's art deco - but don't expect it to be pristine or look like the photos online. I was a bit suprised at the 'shabby' feel to some parts, but acknowledge that it must cost a fortune to look after.

The staff were very amusing - some were extremely helpful and lovely, and others were so surly it made me think of Fawlty Towers.

We would stay there again, but forwarned is forearmed.

Our main reason for being in LA was for shopping, and I finally got to visit the Miss L Fire Hollywood store. As you can tell, I was pretty excited!

And yes, we did have to buy an extra suitcase to get everything home!

As always, the vintage shopping in the USA is generally plentiful and cheap, so here's my Vintage Stores Round Up (in order of amazing) of stores we liked:

New York
Bop Kat Vintage, 117 Union St Brooklyn. The best in NY for affordable vintage, and my pick if I could only visit one store.
Union Max, 110 Union St Brooklyn. Jewellery, bakelite, clothing.
Cobblestones, 314 E9th St, East Village
No Relation Vintage, 204 1st Ave East Village. You need to search through everything, but pre-1960s treasures are hiding here.
Williamsburg Flea, 50 Kent Ave, Brooklyn.
Junk, 197 N 9th St Brooklyn. Mainly junk (literally) but I did find a 1940's leopard trimmed coat here for cheap.

Chicago - all of Chicago is awesome!
Vintage Underground, 1834 W North Ave (Wicker Park). My pick for range and price, mainly clothing and accessories.
Store B, 1472 N Milwaukee Ave (Wicker Park)
Lazy Dog Antique Store, 1903 W Belmont Ave
Belmont Army Vintage, 844 W Belmont Ave. Hipster paradise, but there are some gems if you look hard.
Knee Deep Vintage, 1425 W 18th St (Pilsen). Go straight to the back room for the good stuff.
Comet Vintage, 1320 W 18th St (Pilsen)
Market Supply Company, 1747 S Halstead St (Pilsen), Dethrose Vintage's brick and mortar store

LA/Long Beach
SLOW, 7474 Melrose Ave, Fairfax
4th St, Long Beach. Everything is fabulous!
Long Beach Antique Market, 4901 E Contant St

Well, sadly that's our last big holiday for a couple of years.
I hope you enjoyed sharing our travels, and I'll be back to my normal posts very soon.



Claire Gittins said...

You both look to have had a great time. Thank you for sharing with us. I'd have liked being on the boat too! And if you visited all those vintage shops - I'm jealous ;-)

belliswinter said...

I found in love with your jacket ... It's really nice to visit a town with a blog because New York is far away from me....thank you

Laurence said...

Nice trip!!!! Don't tell me that you bought 2 more Miss L Fire shoes!!!!
I'm always fearing to go in North in April, we were quite lucky in Portland/Seattle.... I hate to travel when it's cold and rainy, don't know what to wear.

Sandra said...

Glad to hear that you had a fun time. Wish I had known that you were coming to Philadelphia, would love to have met you both.
Mutter museum is awesome and there is currently a Patrick Kelly exhibit at the PA Museum of Art. He was a fashion designer in the 1980's. With your flair for fashion, you would probably have enjoyed it too.
Hopefully will get to Sydney on one of my work trips one of these days.
Thanks for sharing your photos and recollections of time spent here.

Mariela Santillan said...

WOW! You two sure did have a great vacation! I'm hoping once I start working that we can get some traveling done. I love to travel by care but sometimes trains and plains are a lot cheaper.

My husband wants to go to Washington DC and take me to the Smithsonian. He really enjoyed the museums and metro when he was last there.

Yeah the Queen Mary is a bit on the shabby side. Last time( and only time) I was there, it seemed like they kept the inside in better shape than the outside. Did you go into their awesome ball room? It was beautiful.

Bex said...

Hi Mariela!
We did sneak into the ball room at night (it was closed for a convention) isn't it lovely!!

Bex said...

We sure did visit every one of those shops, and more! I only listed the best hehe

Bex said...

It was sooo cold, I bought a special thermal top with me and wore it under my clothes :(.
Ummm, shoes? Yes, but I rookies some were for a friend!

Miss Beta said...

My goodness! What fabulous holidays you had! And you got to meet Tasha and Mel, that's fantastic too. Thank you so much for the shops list. I'll keep on dreaming that one day perhaps I get to know them! ;-)

Miss Beta xx

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