Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Release Repro Pattern Round Up from Butterick, Vogue and Simplicity

I love getting the New Release emails from the big-four, and this season there are some definite standouts and some definite fails (in my opinion) this time around.

Let's start with Butterick...

Butterick B6018 (circa early 1950s?)

I'm thinking... yes. This works, and looks to be a good choice for sewers who want the versatility to make a day dress and and fancy cocktail dress. The shaping is interesting and who doesn't like pointed cuffs?

Next cab off the ranks is B6022 - a wedding dress from the late 1940s? I think.

I'm thinking... not so much. The pattern isn't selling itself to me (the blue ones look like a 1980's taffeta prom dress) but the illusion neckline is interesting.

B6019 - Patterns by Gertie Sarong Dress.
Yes, yes, one hundred times yes!

This dress is the Alfred Shaheen style that vintage lovers are searching for. Structured bust cups, side back shirring and option for a circle skirt!

Butterick - two of of three aint bad!

Moving onto Vogue's offerings...

V8974 - A sundress and bolero, I'm guessing late 1940s/early 1950s?
What' really interesting is that the dress has 10 snaps to close, instead of zip.

I'm saying yes to this one. The bolero looks interesting enough to sew up on it's own as well, and I like the cross straps of the back of the dress.

And their other offering, V8973, a 1950's day dress with with bodice pleating and large box-pleated skirt.

Hmm. I'm not sure if it's the fabric choice, but their sewn up version isn't doing it for me. I think this would look better in something a little less drapey?

Ok, well let's have a look at Simplicity...

Pattern 1460 - a vintage peplum and tunic from the 1950s.

There is so many things wrong with this version, but my main concerns are:
1. It's paired with a mini-skirt, why?
2. The lace is too soft and loses the dramatic appeal of the original (version A I assume).
3. Out of all the patterns in your back catalogue, you picked this one? Really?
We need to have words Simplicity.

OK, well what do you think about 1459? I think this is very late 1950s - probably 1958-1959.
The dress has a wide collar, and pleated skirt.

Interesting - if you have a look at the original pattern models, their skirt is different to the current version - the repro is a dirndl but the original just has pleating on the sides.
This pattern isn't something I would personally make, but I can see a lot of retro-enthusiasts sewing it up.

So, what do you think - is there anything you'd make?
(also Butterick/Vogue are on sale for the next few days if you want to stock up).


busylizzieinbrizzy.com said...

I am loving that Gertie sarong dress and that Vogue sundress - just gorgeous, I feel they will make it to my stash. Wonder how long before the patterns are available to Australia?

Bex said...

I decided to bite the bullet and buy them now. Three patterns including postage over here cost $25, that's not too bad? *impulse control missing*

Stacey Stitch said...

Loving Butterick B6018 - very Betty Draper! I’ll definitely be purchasing when I can get my hands on it.

The Gertie pattern is great, am loving the slip, cami and knicker set that’s due for release too.

I like the Simplicity 1549 too, I can see what you mean about the pleats, I imagine a lot of people would rather they weren’t just at the side though, I’ve made a couple of pencil skirted patterns up with small gathers at the side and I think you really have to appreciate the design styles of the decade to like them. I think a lot of people would prefer to make them with the modern design. Not loving the picture ion pink though, they would have done better for green really, the pick is a bit sickly sweet….

Ladanu Ladan said...

The second neckline in the first dress is very nice indeed. I do love the lines but would have to add something to the bust area I think.... I did buy the first Gertie dress in her Butterick line, but this one a better bet for me as it comes with different cup sizes which makes things much easier for those of us bigger than a B cup.

Sarah said...

I have to say that the Big 4's pattern releases left me rather flat. All of them are missing that essential element that makes them fabulous.

Andrea said...

I just got the Simplicity ones because they were on sale at my local fabric shop.I'll probably make the peplum blouse first. I have an old Sears catalog that shows a similar blouse, in a taffeta, worn with a cigarette trouser as a hostess set and it's very cute. Simplicity's styling makes this look awful.

Claire Gittins said...

Thank you sooooo much for mentioning the sale. I've just ordered the Butterick lemon dress at the top of your post and the Vogue pleated bodice dress. I really like the pleats! Can't wait for them to arrive.

aman said...
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Bex said...

That sounds fabulous!!

Bex said...

I agree with you on the modern version being more popular - and the pink being very OTT!

Bex said...

What I don't understand is why they release such blah ones in the first place - their back catalogue must be extensive :(.
Hello Butterick sarong dress from the 60s that's always on sale for $200?

Cherise said...

I really like the first one and the 40's sundress, not to mention the sarong ofcourse! I could see myself buying and sewing up those patterns.

I think the Simplicity 1460 could transform into an OK dress, but the tunic doesn't really do it for me. Also the last 60's dress looks a little costumy to me.

belliswinter said...

the sarong is marvelous but I'm not sure to be experiment enough to sew it ... I love the first one too !
It's time to introduce myself, I read your blog since few months but I've never comment it...
My english isn't so good ... I'm french, and I sew and knit too !

Bex said...

Hi Bellis, it's nice to meet you!

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