Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lady Luck Festival 2014

On Saturday, Jakk and I thought we might be able to escape the heat (40c or 104F) up in the mountains at the Lady Luck Festival in Katoomba. No such luck - it was still stinking hot up there as well!

I slathered myself in sunscreen, but still managed to get a little bit burnt (as you might be able tell from the above photo). The heat kept the crowds away too - the numbers were way down this year. We love the LL Festival, it's pretty low key but they always have great bands playing - this year they had Pat Capocci and The Twilight Rhythm Boys.

Plus the Blue Mountains is awash with vintage and retro stores!

We met up with our pal Christine (from Classic Vintage), and spent the afternoon eating cake and dancing. No photos of me dancing, but here are some of Jakk and Christine... They're so cute!

My desert-scene skirt felt like an appropriate thing to wear with the heat!
The fabric is true 1950's border print (from Etsy) and I just hand pleated the fabric instead of making a gathered waist dirndl skirt. There was also enough fabric to make a pocket in the side seam.

vintage 1950s remix vintage shoes wedges vogue yellow border print skirt novelty

Outfit details:
Skirt - vintage 1950's fabric, handmade
Blouse - Simplicity 2118
Shoes - Remix Vogue, in yellow
1940s Monogram Brooch - Etsy
Stretch Raffia Belt - OpShop
Bakelite - Etsy.

Jakk's Outfit:
Shirt - Sun Surf from Rakuten
Jeans - vintage-cut Levis
Shoes - Converse

I hope you had a great weekend, and the weather was kind to you!


Simone D. said...

I really like your outfit today, Bex, it's both flattering and colourful. I'd love to own a brooch like that, an 'S', of course.

Sarah said...

40C is so hot!!! Ugh! It's -20C here - wanna trade?

I love your pretty yellow shoes :)

Bex said...

Thanks Simone!
And if I ever see a S one, I'll let you know ;)

Bex said...

I'd love to trade - can you post me some snow? Not sure what I could send in return though... (Gosh, I can't even imagine -20? That's crazy cold!)

Elisa said...

Wow! Your skirt is amazing! I am a sucker for anything desert related. What a great fabric find!

Shay said...

Love the skirt.

It was -18C here yesterday. I'll gladly swap you about 20 degrees

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