Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 In Review, and planning for 2014

Wow, I think 2013 has been my most productive yet! And thank-you, dear readers, for hanging around.

My goals this year were to make 'wearable' pieces - things I could wear to work or dancing.
Specifically I wanted forties clothing (my personal Wearable Wardrobe Challenge) but I seemed to have made a lot of fifties influenced pieces!

2013 started with a bang - three dresses in the first two weeks...

Left to right - Gertie's Sultry Dress, Butterick 6815 and Gertie's Dress as a jumper.

A steady pace was set for the rest of the year...

Yarr Pirates Skirt, McCall 6717 a 1940's Blouse, and Gertie's Tattooed Sweetheart Summer Dress

Bell-Patterned Jumper from 1944, McCall's PolkaDot Shirtdress and BlueGingerDoll's Billie Jean

1940's Lumber Jacket, Scottie Dog Sweater and a 1940's Jumper (with Smooth Sailing Blouse)

1950's Western Blouse, Victory Knitted Jumper and Advance 7869, Men's Shirts

The Peggy Skirt, 1950's ClamDiggers and the Xmas Peggy Skirt!

Cowboy Print (Smooth Sailing) Shirt, Simple 1950's Blouses, and lastly 'Made So Quickly' knitted blouse.

That's a total of 21 sewn garments, and four knitted jumpers. Looking back:

  • I think I was on target in regards to wear-ability but still need to focus more on the 1940's aspect. 
  • Of the seven patterns I planned to sew last year, I only made one. Fail!
  • I'm averaging one jumper every three months - that's great!
  • Can you tell I lost 5 kilos?! Hehe.
  • I spent WAAAY too much money on Miss L Fire shoes.

This year I'm continuing the 1940's Wearable Wardrobe Challenge, and am going to use a To-Sew folder on Flickr to remind me what to make.

So, what's lacking in my Wardrobe?
  • 1940's cotton day dresses. Smart enough for work, cool enough for summer. This one and this one.
  • A knitted 1940's vest for winter.
  • Navy swing pants - why don't I own you?
  • A playsuit for Viva Las Vegas.
  • Some slightly fancier 1940's dresses, with gathers and pleating oh my!
  • Novelty jumpers.
And finally, plans for the house:
  • We need a paved area for entertaining
  • Work on the veggie patch.

So, that's 2013 and my plans for 2014 - how did you go? What are your plans for 2014?


Mary Danielson said...
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Mary Danielson said...

What a fabulous year of handmade pieces! Of all the sewists whose blogs I follow, yours is the most inspiring. There are so many new things on my to-sew list, like rick-rack trimmed dresses and a novelty print sundress, that are directly stemmed in your lovely work. I can't wait to see what 2014 brings for you! The gathered and pleated 1940s dresses already sound divine, even in planning stages.

Mariela said...

You certainly worn a lot of the items you made. I sure didn't. I want to make more wearable items that I can wear out and at home. Right now I'm planning on making a quite a few basic color tops to go with all of my novelty print tops. And I hope to knit a couple of boleros and maybe a jumper.

Bex said...

Wow THANKYOU Mary. That's the nicest compliment anyone's ever given me on my blog ;)

Alan Abraham said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Loving that Gertie Sultry Dress, that is jumping up my queue immediately!!
You have a fabulous wardrobe of great makes

Claire Gittins said...

You've had a very productive year! I love your polka dot dress.

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