Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daffodil, a Jumper-Cardigan Knitting Pattern c. 1939

Apologies for the silence up here - I've been feeling really flat at the moment and am finding it hard to muster the energy to blog, knit or sew.

While I'm busy trying to get some mojo back, I thought I'd share this lovely pattern with you. The pleated box-head sleeves and arrowhead lace look really smart - not to mention the 11 buttons down the front!

It's from Patons and Baldwins 'Style', Volume 5 - and probably dates to 1939. No mention of the war and the format is large with good quality paper.

Finished bust size of 34 inches, knitted with fingering weight yarn on 4mm and 2.75mm needles.

free vintage knitting pattern 1940s jumper cardigan swing wwii


Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Triangle in Many Moods - 1940's Turban Pattern

Perfect for those bad hair days, a turban is a look you have to try at least once!
(I have yet to wear a knitted turban, but a scarf version is my casual-Friday staple*).

Today's free knitting pattern comes from Weldon's No.218 - Caps, Gloves ans Scarves, circa 1939-1940.

This particular turban is just a large triangle which is knotted at the top of the head. The knot ends are probably wrapped around each other a few times to create the 'pillow' shape.
The final point is then rolled over the knot, tucked under, and the fabric arranged nicely

Knitted in a lighter fingering weight (normal fingering should work too) on 4mm needles - quick, and easy!

* Question - do you have casual-Friday (Mufti day) where you are? 

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