Monday, June 24, 2013

All quiet on the home front.

And it's not of my choosing!

1st of July is always a busy time at my work, and it's greatly conspired to keep me away from my blog and offline in general.

One job that i've finally finished is creating a reference of every vintage sewing pattern I own - nearly 200 patterns from the late 1920s to the early 60s, plus some reproductions. 
And if you'd like to have a lookie, the entire set so far is here on Flickr.

I'm so glad i've finally hunkered down and done this - it's a great way to give you a visual overview of what you have - and where you have gaps! (I need more fancy 1940's dresses and coats, it seems).

Here's some of my personal favourites that are in the To Sew queue for this year:

1940s dress sewing pattern pin-up pinup bomb girl
Simplicity 3414, circa 1939

McCall 4479, circa 1941

Hollywood 1009, Frances Gifford

I LOVE this day dress. Puffed tulip sleeves, unusual pockets, ric-rac trim, fitted waist. 
Can it get any better?

EvaDress 5087
Simplicity 1960
Simplicity 1535, c 1945

And finally - the ever popular 1940's Lumber Jacket.
I'm already half-way finished making this one, so i'll post some after photos really soon!

What about you - do you have an online collection of your patterns? Or another way of keeping track?

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Quilted Heart Booties, c 1950s

 It's definitely starting to feel like winter down here in the southern hemisphere, and i'm awfully tempted to make these super sweet heart booties!

They're from Pins and Needles Magazine, published sometime in the early 1950s. The pattern gives instructions for crocheted bottoms, but I think they would look good with just plain sewn soles too.

Available in three sizes, requiring less than half a meter of fabric!

1950s sewing pattern free slippers booties quilting

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Photos and Outfits from 'Summer Bride', 1954

Is anyone planning a 1950s wedding?

I was very lucky to get my hands (briefly) on a 1950s Bridal magazine and rushed off some quick scans of the nicest pages to share with you.

Presenting, Summer Bride 1954

1950s summer bride magazine wedding dress

1950s summer bride magazine wedding dress shelf bust
Bust detail to die for!

The dresses in this magazine are gorgeous!

1950s summer bride magazine wedding dress Alfred Shaheen
My ideal wedding dress, I think

The magazine is absolutely filled with bride-to-be advertisements. Some very relevant....

1950s summer bride magazine wedding dress ring

Some, not so much! (I think this advertiser is clutching at straws)

1950s summer bride magazine wedding dress advertisement funny

And suggestions for what to wear on your 1950s Honeymoon.

1950s wedding honeymoon bathing suit

I would love to get married again in Australia - on the day it's made legal. I know it's probably a long way off the way the political climate is at the moment, but a girl can dream right?

The full set of images are here on Flickr, I hope you enjoy them!

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