Monday, December 16, 2013

Tutorial: How to Alter HeyDay Tailored Trousers

While the majority of men's pants have an adjustable back seam, not many women's pants do - HeyDay Vintage Style is the exception! I always buy their Swing Pants in my hip size as the waistband is adjustable.

The tailored back seam means if you're pear shaped it's easy to get the trousers to fit well, instead of gaping at the back. If you're less curvy, you can also let out the waist band a couple of inches to get more room.

For example...

Dark Chocolate Swing Trousers

Heyday's trousers fit my hips really well, but as my waist is much smaller there's a definite gape.
So here's how you can alter them, and I promise it will take you less than five minutes!

1. Measure how much you need to take them in by, and mark it in chalk on your trousers. (If you need to let them out, skip this step).

2. Unpick the centre of the back waist band (switching to the Beige as the sewing is easier to see).

3. Unpick where the waistband joins the trousers on the inside. I unpicked for about four inches either side of the centre back.

4. Transfer the markings from the right side of the pants to the inside with chalk. Fold the pants along the centre seam and pin. Note that the transferred line makes a slight < shape? That's to taper the waistband in at the top.
(If you are letting the waist out, now is where you would try them on to figure out your new stitching line and mark it similarly.)

5. Stitch the chalked line, being careful to join the point of your new seam up to the original seam lower down.  Ensure you continue your new line of stitching over the top of the old stitching for a centimeter or two.

6. Unpick the original seam to where your new stitching line meets it. Press this seam open.

7. Fold waist band back over, pin and press.

altering heyday vintage trousers plus size

8. On the right side, stitch the waistband back down by stitching along the seam line (stitch in a ditch).

Wear them and enjoy your custom fit pants!

heyday vintage swing trousers forest green cowboy flamingo
Forest Green Swing Trousers


Fräulein K. said...

that is exactly my problem, thanks for the tutorial

Porcelina said...

Thank you for this, so helpful! I have a pair of Heydays that fit perfectly, then they changed the fit slightly (the 'rise'?) and I got the baggy waist problem and had to send a lovely pair back. I'm encouraged now to try their trousers again! Thanks x

Mariela said...

Super easy fix! Loving your blouse.

Bex said...

Thanks Mariela - its another Smooth Sailing version ;)

Mugsy's in Stitches said...

Wow, you make it all look so easy! :) I'll have to learn how to do this, as my ever increasing belly (nope not pregnant, just getting bulgy) is starting to make clothes hard to fit. *lol*

Thank you for posting this, and I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas! :)

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