Sunday, December 15, 2013

FO: A Retro-themed Christmas Look for Summer

While I don't normally dress 'Christmassy' (people stare at me enough - why give them another reason?) this year I thought I'd give a couple of vintage-style-Christmas looks a go, and here's my first result:

bakelite 1940s 1940s tourist skirt mexican scottie dog clothing pinup

 Skirt Pattern: Peggy from BlueGingerDoll
Blouse: FunnyGirl Top, Dangerfield
1940s Jewellery + Wedges: various, Etsy

I was trying for a 1940's-style tourist theme; bright fun colours, easy to wear clothing and novelty jewellery.

(Please excuse how dry my lawn is! It's Summer and we are trying to save water.)

bakelite 1940s 1940s tourist skirt mexican
Delicious, fruit-coloured Bakelite Bangles

I love the Peggy skirt pattern from BGD - it's so versatile, quick and easy! Abby has just released the pattern as a printable PDF, which saves postage for anyone overseas.

I used 100% cotton drill from Spotlight, and alternating lines of lime, yellow and red ric-rac trim - plus ric-rac around the pocket, just like last time
There's a great place to get ric-rac in bulk called SabieSupplies on Etsy - even with postage its much cheaper per meter than what we pay in Australia.

I set my hair using curling tongs (24mm), and a comb out instead of a brush out.
Then off to the Christmas party at the Creative Vintage Centre for dancing and fun.

Coming up soon - my Christmas day outfit (a 1940's Christmas tablecoth-turned-skirt), and a Tutorial on how to take in tailored pants!


wardrobeexperience said...

beautiful outfit. summery christmas is something i never really thought about before i entered fashion blogland.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Fabulous take on holiday attire! I adore the pairing of rickrack trim with a stack of awesome bangles like this. You look as a pretty as a perfectly wrapped Christmas present, dear gal!

♥ Jessica

LynS said...

Love the bakelite bangles Bex. Where did you manage to find them?

Bex said...

Thanks Lyn!
They're all from, much much cheaper than what we pay over here...

foxdrinkwater said...

It's a lovely outfit.

Have you been to Em Greenfield in Surry Hills? You can buy ric-rac by the roll - loads cheaper by the metre than retail prices. I keep thinking that the local girls need to get a buying group together so that we can divide it up.

I have around 20m of gold, silver and red at home!

Bex said...

Ooh no I havent heard of it! Yep, I think you're right, between yourself, Dragana and I, we would probably buy enough to make it worthwhile :)

foxdrinkwater said...

Wow - a treasure trove awaits you! Rows and rows of bulk trim, elastic, metal zippers, piping. It's a happy place :)

I think an excursion is in order, followed by brunch at Reuben Hills.

C x

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