Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Triangle in Many Moods - 1940's Turban Pattern

Perfect for those bad hair days, a turban is a look you have to try at least once!
(I have yet to wear a knitted turban, but a scarf version is my casual-Friday staple*).

Today's free knitting pattern comes from Weldon's No.218 - Caps, Gloves ans Scarves, circa 1939-1940.

This particular turban is just a large triangle which is knotted at the top of the head. The knot ends are probably wrapped around each other a few times to create the 'pillow' shape.
The final point is then rolled over the knot, tucked under, and the fabric arranged nicely

Knitted in a lighter fingering weight (normal fingering should work too) on 4mm needles - quick, and easy!

* Question - do you have casual-Friday (Mufti day) where you are? 

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Desiree said...

Bex, thanks so much for the compliment on my Queens of Vintage post!

I love this pattern and I think it might be JUST easy enough for me to do. I'm not much of a knitter and I don't have much patience. Are there other pages that show other ways to tie it?

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