Monday, October 07, 2013

The Sydney Fleet Review 2013

The Sydney Fleet Review was on this weekend - a celebration of naval events that mark the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy's fleet arrival in Sydney Harbour on 4 October 1913. And don't forget Prince Harry was here too!

The main event was on Saturday - a day long parade of boats from around the world (historic, military and private) through Sydney Harbour followed by fire works. With over a million people packing the shoreline, we knew the crowds would be horrendous (hot day + alcohol + tourists = oh no!).

Instead, we got tickets for the Tall Ships tour - Jakk loves anything to do with ye olde sailors and sailing (her grandfather was a sailor) so it was the perfect choice for us.

Playsuit - self made; Shoes - Bass; Jewellery - Etsy; 1940's Sweetheart Brooch - Etsy; Scarf - OpShop

You could go at your own pace, which made it really enjoyable! Since it was a historic-nautical event and really warm, I wore my Sailor Playsuit as it's easy to manoeuvre in.


Our favourite ship was the Picton Castle, from Nova Scotia, Canada.
It was built in 1937, and felt really old and well-loved. The crew were the friendliest too.

One of the highlights was finally getting aboard the HMB Endeavour - a full scale replica of Captain Cook's ship that 'discovered' Australia in 1770.

(I say 'discovered' loosely, as indigenous Australians quite obviously discovered Australia first, not to mention the Javanese, the Chinese, the Dutch etc etc..)

pinup sailor girl 1940s 1950s red hair navy

We couldn't get over how small the ship was - you couldn't even stand up in the fancy first-class end!

I was just saying to Jakk how it was a shame they don't put naked mermaids on the prow anymore - then we found the Europa, complete with a sexy naked lady riding a bull!

vintage sailor lesbian dyke 1950s 1940s

I hope you liked this brief glimpse into our weekend - I hope yours was lovely!



Mariela said...

That event looks amazing! I've never been to a nautical show but I have been on the Queen Mary in Long Beach and a Russian submarine. It really gives you an idea of how small some people (mostly men) were back 50 years ago.

Looks like you and Jakk had a great time.

missfairchildscharmschool said...

Looks like you had a great day...and you two are so adorable together.

Bex said...

Mariela, I'm so jealous! The Queen Mary is on our dream list of places to go when we visit the USA next year ;)

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