Thursday, October 31, 2013

Camperdown Cruise - Vintage Side Trips

The great thing about the Camperdown Cruise is that there's a lot to see in the surrounding towns if you've had your fill of rockabilly.

We've always wanted to see the Fletcher Jones Factory in Warnnambol (about an hour away) so we snuck off for a drive...

fletcher jones factory warnnambol 1940s vintage industrialThe factory was built in 1948 by Fletcher Jones to make men's pants (and later, women's wear). It's surrounded by extensive and beautiful gardens that were designed for the employees - Fletcher Jones was ahead of his time when it came to work-life balance and staff happiness.

The gardens are lush, and full of quirky mid-century modern 'art' pieces.

I don't recommend The Mill markets inside - they were rather disappointing compared to the other 'Mill Markets'. All I could find was this mexican-inspired ash tray.

After Warnnambol, we turned south to drive along one of Australia's best known tourist trails - The Great Ocean Road.

The views are breathtaking (these photos were taken at 'The Bay of Islands) but it was so cold that we were laughing hysterically the whole time. The wind blows straight up from the Antarctic and it sure felt like it on that day!

If you're ever in Warnnambol, make sure you check out the BEST vintage store we've seen in ages. It's called 'Long Gone Vintage' on Fairy St - and it's worth the trip! A massive selection of 1930s-1960s clothing and everything has reasonable prices.

I couldn't leave the store without the below lovelies - a 1950's 'Maxine' powder blue wool dress, a 1940's wooden necklace (to match the earrings I already have), an amber faceted bakelite necklace and novelty plastic brooch.

1950s blue vintage dress australia large xl pinup bakeliteOk, I know it never gets cold enough in Sydney to justify a wool dress but a girl's gotta dream, right? I'm trying to convince Cowboy that a trip to the Blue Mountains in the middle of winter would be a good thing.

1940's wooden necklace, a good match to the clip-ons I bought a few months ago.

I suffer from really bad nickel allergies which means vintage base-metal necklaces and earrings give me a terrible rash. Thank goodness for vintage plastics, bakelite and wood!

And finally, I have to share my find-of-the-year with you.

A 1940's rayon dress - in my large size - in good condition - and for a whopping $25!
This is unheard of in Australia!

I bought this from a junk dealer in Camperdown itself, and took a punt as I couldn't try it on.
All the glass buttons are present, no stains and just a couple of moth bites across the shoulders to mend.

The label is something else - for starters it's embroidered (meaning it should be high end, right?) and it says it's made in Auckland, New Zealand.
New Zealand? That's a rare hen indeed.

People often ask why is vintage so expensive (and hard to find) in Australia - it's all to do with population.  For example, in 1940 the estimated population of the below countries were:
UK = 46 million
USA = 134 million
Australia = 7 million
New Zealand = 1.5 million

When you do the maths, that's not a lot of clothing that would survive to the present day and what did is priced accordingly.

Knowing the maths doesnt make it feel any better though!


Mariela said...

Beautiful buys! I have a similar ashtray to the one in the photo. We dont smoke but I thought it was cute.

I actually need wool clothes out here. Our winters get to in the single digits at night (F) and at most in the 30*F in the days. It's nice since we get snow but we don't go out as often either.

Bex said...

I've been dying over your photos of the mountains with snow - very jealous!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such absolutely wonderful finds and spots to visit. You've got me longer for a trip near the sea next something fierce! We're about five hours away from Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean, so luckily doing so is possible every now and then. I haven't been there since 2007 and think it's high time we headed in that direction again in the coming year or two (fingers crossed!).

Again, I really, really adore everything that you found - the dusty blue dress is especially lovely.

♥ Jessica

wardrobeexperience said...

lucky gal! great finds!!! i love both dresses - but the blue one is something i really miss in my wardrobe.

Claire Gittins said...

I love your blue dress - it will be cold enough in Europe for it ;-)

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