Monday, October 28, 2013

And a fabulous time was had by all!

Well, it felt that way!
Camperdown is a sleepy little country town that really wakes up when the Cruise is on.

The area surrounding Camperdown is known for its 'dry stone walling' - fences made out of volcanic rocks, held together by nothing more than friction and gravity. You know you're getting close when you can see the grey stone walls dotting the landscape.

Jeans - Freddies 1940s; Jumper - Retrospec'd; Lumber Jacket - me;  Shoes - Bass Enfield; 1940's Lucite Brooch - Etsy

(I'll just share a few photos, and the full set is here on Flickr.)

Rusty Pinto

Patio Dress - Etsy; Handbag - Fifties Fair Day; Shoes - Aris Allen; Belt - Princess Highway

Dancing in The Rockabilly Room

Nico Duportal

Novelty Cardigan - Chicago; Telephone Cord Bag - Facebook

How great is this two-tone Beetle, complete with vintage luggage on the roof?

 The winner of the Pin-Up Competition, Miss Amelia Mae.

My favourite vintage dealer (and a good mate) Christine, from Classic Vintage based in Mittagong.
Check out the fabric on some of her dresses!

I love that she takes the time to colour co-ordinate, as well as writing the bust/waist measurements on the price tags.

Our Swing Dancing teacher Bruce, and his partner Dean.

One of our friends in her killer 'Map of Tassie' skirt, made out of a vintage tea-towel.
For all the non-Aussie's out there, here's a link to what it means...

And finally, a quick sneaky peaky of some of things I came home with:

From the upper left: 50's acetate, 1940's cotton (six meters!), tea towels from the 1940s and 50s, more fabric and some knitting books I don't have yet.

I hope you like the photos!


wardrobeexperience said...

wow! looks great!

i especially love your patio dress. you look stunning in it.

Mariela said...

You look great! I love your giant Lucite brooch. I have one of my own and got it for a steal. I don't think the seller realize what she had.

Kate-Em said...

Looks like great fun! Good haul of knitting patterns!

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