Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Tourist in Your Own Town : Bare Island Fort

Do you ever play Tourist where you live?
Cowboy and I love exploring Sydney, and this weekend we visited Bare Island Fort (near La Perouse in Botany Bay).

What made the tour even more fun was the guide is one of our friends!
(now I'm going to post some embarrassing photos of her).

The fort on Bare Island was built in 1885 to quell the Victorian paranoia that someone would come all the way to Australia to attack the fledging penal colony.
Never mind that it took 9 months to sail here, and you'd probably need to replenish your supplies before you could even think about launching an attack.

I love these photos from the opening day - the Victorian women look fabulously stern.
Flash forward to the 1920s - the site was transformed into a Veterans Home. The difference in the facial expressions too - hints of smiles.
You might have noticed the golden tint to the photos? We've got some terrible bushfires around at the moment - the worst since the 1960s. At least 200 homes have been lost in the Blue Mountains, and there's a golden smoke haze covering Sydney.

The area around Bare Island is one of the best places to scuba dive in Sydney I'm told - I'm scared of sharks so it's not something I'll be trying out any time soon.

1940's day dress : HolliePoint on Etsy
Leather bowling bag, rose hair clip and sunglasses: Mimco
Saddle shoes : Bass
1940s bone necklace and earrings : Etsy

Do you have hidden gems in your town?
(And if you live in LA, Chicago or New York please let me know cos I'll be there next year and would love recommendations)

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