Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Novelty Turban Hat, circa 1940s

You really have to hand it to women in the 1940's - they liked their suits tailored, and their hats different!
Carmen Miranda

From Etsy

Wouldn't life be a touch more whimsical if we got to wear amazingly over-the-top hats everyday - and get stared at in admiration instead of curiosity?

Today's free vintage knitting (crochet) pattern comes from an unknown source - the pattern book is missing it's cover. I believe it was made by 'Dritz', probably in 1946.

The crochet hat/turban requires Dritz Knitting Worsted (not Corde for a change) and i'm still not sure what those decorations are? Either way, I would love to wear something like this to Viva Las Vegas next year.
Do Santa's elves know how to crochet?

I hope you like it!

free vintage knitting pattern hat 1940s turban novelty


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

*gasp* it's amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing! I am wildly in love with ridiculous hats. I try them on in front of my husband before buying. If he makes a horrified face, I know it's a good one! :P I will be making this one in mustard, I think!

kate steeper said...

Its sort of Minnie Mouse meets a zebra skin!!! Wins the award for strangest hat yet seen ...Its so bizarre you could sell it to a Royal ...truly impressed

Bex said...

Haha Brittany, I love your at buying technique ;) x

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