Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tropical Bird Jumper, Stitchcraft Magazine June 1950

As requested by Elsa, the Tropical Bird Jumper.

1950s stitchcraft magazine, free vintage knitting pattern

Don't be put off by the small sizing, the intarsia design is charted and could be used on any basic 4-ply jumper pattern easily.

To fit  32-34 inch bust, using fingering weight yarn on 3.25mm and 2.75mm needles.


Elsa said...

Oh, thank you for sharing this pattern!!! I've been looking for it since I saw a version of it in an episode of Poirot (Cat Among the Pigeons), I thought the design was gorgeous. It will be my autumn knit!

Projektmanagerin: said...

Oh Elsa - Poirot is THE BEST SHOW on so many levels - and the sweaters (and costumes) are all gorgeous. I have to watch it alone because co-watchers tend to be annoyed by my exclamations and stop-and-repeat when all THEY want is a quiet TV night... :-)

YamYam said...

Oh it is wunderful-so wunderful-I like it! Thank You for sharing it with us!

Georgia Rose said...

Oh man, I love you for uploading all these patterns. Kinda shameful, that I can't knit them myself, but I am struggling to choose which I will get my boyfriend's super-knitter granny to make for me next!

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