Thursday, April 18, 2013

I think she's got it!

I've finally figured out a way to keep my set looking good for more than 24 hours! I'm excited enough to blog about it too!

My hair is very thick with a mind of it's own. It does normally hold a wave, but tends to drop a bit by the end of the first day. Even sleeping with a hair net on and clipping some of the curls up with pincurl clips - well, it looks pretty ragged by the second day.

I only hot-set my hair once a week as it takes me a good hour and looks great for one or two days max.  (Dont talk to me about wet sets - I end up with hair like this wig, even with copious amounts of brushing). 

But, last night before bed, I curled the ends of my hair under and around my face using sponge-rollers - and it kept my set!

I didnt use any product, just picked out sections of hair and wrapped them in the rollers. Bang on a hair net, and I still had curls this morning.

Do you have any special tips that you've stumbled across for maintaining a set?

If you're in Australia or New Zealand and you're looking for setting lotion, have you ever tried Wavol? It's been around since 1946, and my Nan always had it in her cupboard. I mix a bit of a thermo-protector into it and use it with my hot-sets with success.

 I used to buy it from my local salon supply until I found this place selling it in a 5L pack for $18!


liliesandremains said...

1. Your set looks great! I'm still trying to figure out how to make a good page boy stay in, thanks for the advice!
2. Omggg, that banana brooch! I'm dying over here!

x Sara

Bex said...

Aww thanks! I'm made for novelty brooches, and fruit!

Deb Clark said...

I am going to try and find some Wavol - here in humid Mackay I just go frizzy. I LOVE your hair colour by the way - and the banas - so QLD, Deb xx

Alma said...

I also have very thick hair, if im lucky I can get away with a wet set of pincurls, but thats 1 out of 20+ times maybe :P spongeroller's my thing!

Bex said...

Hey Alma have you tried a hot tong curler? It's the only thing that works for me :) xx

Penny-Rose said...

I love your hair and I am grateful for the suggestion of Wavo, I am going to look for some tomorrow. I did just get my hair trimmed a bit, but I am keen to experiment with various styles. You have some wonderful knitting patterns - I 've been lurking around for a while!

Projektmanagerin: said...

A wig could help - and is definitely very authentic for the period.
Not that I use one myself, but my grany and even my ma had several...

Cherry said...

It sounds to me like you have similar hair to mine. Have you tried a not so wet set? If I properly wet set my hair I end up with aforementioned clown wig. However I have worked out through much trial and error that if I wash my hair then brush it smooth while wet and pull into a low sleek clip or pony until almost dry and then set it into large (I normally have a pattern of two up top for volume at the front, two small side of the part facing back, two to three large side of the part facing forward and 5-6 around the back) pin curls which I sleep on. In the morning I have a solid set that i can brush into bouncy curls or a sleek page boy and lasts me at least 3 days.
I hope that makes sense!
Anyway, even if it doesn't your hair looks great, I'm glad the sponge rollers are working for you!

Bex said...

Hi Cherry - thanks for the suggestion! I've been using inch diameter rollers, maybe I'll try your suggestion of using massive ones ;) xx

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