Thursday, March 07, 2013

Miss L Fire Spring Summer 2013 Collection

I admit to waiting with baited breath for the new range to come up, and as always there are some standouts for the vintage-lover.  I know they are pretty pricey (especially to get in Australia) but i've managed to get most of mine off Amazon UK for under $120 (they retail normally at about $150 plus post). The quality is always exceptional so I don't begrudge paying the money...

My highlights would be:

Really cute 1940's styling, and cherry blossoms on the vamp. This would make a great shoe for the office!

Did someone say Thirties? I love the art deco snake skin detail and practical heel on these! (On the Must Buy list)

So, so cute. The styling is right, the colours are a bit loud but would be good for a more edgy modern-vintage look. Good heel hight too.

What can I say? A really nice take on the popular tooled mexican wedges, I love the green and red too.

Have you seen them yet? What was your favourite?


Mariela said...

Oh wow! Those are all so gorgeous! I wish I knew if they would fit my wide feet but I'm can't spend that much on shoes.Otherwise, I'd take a pair of the Flora in a heartbeat.

Ariane Dean said...

Oooh, those yellow ones are gorgeous. Almost worth getting an office job for ;)

Lucy said...

They are SO pretty! I bought my first pair of Delano's in magenta and I love them. They are THE most comfortable heels that I own. :o)

Bex said...

I have slightly wide feet and they fit really well - I hope one day you get to try some on ;) x

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