Sunday, March 24, 2013

FO: McCall 6717, 1940s draped front blouse

Another month, and another finished outfit!

I'm continuing to focus on vintage for daywear - and this little blouse will be perfect for work.

Presenting McCall 6717, a draped shoulder blouse with a buttoned up back.

The original pattern was for a 36 inch bust, and when I measured out the pattern against Gertie's Tie Neck Blouse, the similarities were striking. I ended up modding the Gertie Blouse with the draping elements from the original (if that makes sense). I'm really happy with it!

The vintage-look fabric is viscose georgette from Fabric Remnant Warehouse, and has a lovely drape. I used two layers of fabric when I made the self-covered buttons.

My Mods:
Using Gertie's pattern as a starting point to get the fit right.
Enlarging the neckline slightly.
Using a bias strip to finish the neckline.

Overall Happiness Factor

I will definitely make this top again, but I think the fabric is slightly too soft to take full advantage of the shoulder drape. Perhaps a soft cotton would be a better choice next time.

Shoes, Monaco by Miss L Fire
Skirt, Self Made
Brooch, vintage 1940s from Etsy
Earrings, vintage siam silver from Etsy
Hair Flower, Viva Las Vegas


Nähfiddeley said...

You did a great job on this blouse. Love it.


Kimberly said...


Mariela said...

That looks great! I love the flower print. I just found a giant warehouse of fabric at decent prices. Better than Joann's.

Serina said...

Am new to the idea of finishing an edge w/ bias tape, but like the look. Was it difficult to make bias tape out of such a soft material? How do you like the overall feel of it at the neckline? Would you do it again if you re-made the blouse?

Outfit looks great!

Bex said...

Hi Serina - I found the bias tape works the best with soft fabrics!

I feel like it sits better? I would defintely do it again, it looks better than the facing :)

Just said...

<3 the shoes

Joanna said...

I just googled to see if anyone else had made this blouse. So nice to see you have! Did you do bound buttonholes? I'll also have to take a look at Gertie's version too. If you did bound buttonholes, seems they might be a bit tricky on a slinky fabric.

Bex said...

Hi Joanna! Nope, I agree with you, bound button holes on rayon were just a step too far. I just used a tiny zig zag stitch - hope that helps ;) x

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