Monday, January 14, 2013

FO: 1950's Jumper Dress, another Gertie variation

I know what you're saying - three dresses sewn in two weeks? Am I on drugs?

Nope, but I'm on an amazing sewing roll (makes up for the four despairing toiles I made late last year, I was too embarrassed to show you all).

I was really taken with the pattern below, but I'm afraid I didn't save the full image so I have no idea what pattern number or year it is! (Maybe someone has it in their collection and can tell me?). The original was much too small, I remember that much...

I really like the cut in detail at the neckline - and it was a cinch to do it to my Gertie Sultry Sheath dress mod from earlier.

I used black cotton drill again, but this time drafted a half circle skirt to fit the bodice.

- drafted a half circle skirt instead of pleated dirndl
- bought the shoulder straps in a bit more as they still slipped a little in the last dress
- sewed little 'inset' details where the horizontal bodice met the shoulder straps

A bit creased from sitting on my bum at work all day

This dress is a-may-zing. Its everything I could want in a dress - it fits well, the skirt is flowy but flattering, the fabric isnt too hot but still holds its shape.

Overall Happiness Factor:
I'd like to adjust the shoulder straps a fraction on the next one I make - and there will definitely be more versions!
BTW Lincraft has 50% off all fabric until this weekend, so its a good time to stock up!

PS - don't just love Miss L Fire shoes?

Well, Calamity doesn't really look impressed but I love my new Roxys that came last week!

Shoes: Miss L Fire Roxy
Blouse : Portmans
Stockings : Basque at Myers
Sailor Necklace : Vintage celluloid, Etsy
Headband : Mimco


DaneMum said...

You're looking great!!! Great job!

newvintage said...

This is beautiful and so flattering on you!

Kimberly said...

mod to a half circle skirt was brilliant. it looks fab on you :)

MistressCatgirl said...

You look great! The dresses turned out great too. Love the stockings.

Tucker said...

That is fabulous! And I adore those stockings.

missfairchildscharmschool said...

Looks fantastic! My Gertie book arrived today and can't wait to get started. The shoes though, well they are just to die for!

Evie said...

You look adorable as usual, but OH MY GOD those shoes are to die for!!!!

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