Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year - and an Easy 1930s Blouse Pattern

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you're all safe and sound, and ready to dive head first into 2013.

So far, my New Year's evolutions are fairly modest - get my website up and running, and work on my Swing dancing with Jakk. I'd love to hear what yours are!

If one of your resolutions was to finally knit from a vintage knitting pattern, perhaps I have the perfect one for you below!

This knitted blouse from the Thirties is very quick and very easy.
Its knit using 3mm and 4.75mm needles using fingering weight cotton - and don't be put off by the 32 inch bust sizing.

The blouse is knit from the top down, in one piece (like a modern raglan) and the pattern is quite practical, saying to just add an inch or two (or several) where needed to get it to fit. Top down raglans are one of the easiest pattern styles to enlarge.

I hope you like it!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Outfit Post: Melbourne finds and Midcentury Nylon

There's nothing like a new dress and handbag to bring a smile to a (tired) grrl's face.

I know I rave about the shopping in Melbourne but it really is superior - Sydney just doesn't have anything close to Smith and Brunswick Streets in Fitzroy.

I have to share the lining fabric I picked up from the Alannah Hill Clearance Store last week - $6 a metre! A peachy colour covered in ladybugs, clover and lucky cards, hopefully to be the lining of a 1940s jacket I'm planning.

 My other favourite find was from Sheila Vintage, a cute little vintage shop further along Brunswick Street (and this is the outfit I wore last night to a friend's birthday party).

Slip : Vanity Fair, Shoes: Miss L Fire, Belt : my own, Carved Earrings and Bakelite : Etsy

 It's not often you see a midcentury print nylon dress with a 34" waist in Australia - so I had to snap it up even though I'm supposed to be watching the pennies. The label is 'Maxine', and the fabric is covered with pale pink, blue and lemon roses.

And to complete the party outfit last night - my new Mimco Treasure Clutch!
I was really attracted to this evening bag when I first saw it, the lucite acrylic looks and feels similar to a vintage 1940s/1950s lucite handbag.
And check out the swirling on the back - yum!
I hope you're all enjoying the silly season!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Modelling, Mimco and Melbourne

Sorry for the lack of posts - but this past week the Cowboi and I have been away in Melbourne being models in a campaign for one of my favourite brands, Mimco. (divine hair accessories and handbags)

It was definitely the experience of a lifetime, and the people from Mimco (not to mention the hair and makeup artists) were the nicest bunch you'd ever meet.
Add that Melbourne is one of our favourite places to visit, and you can imagine what a fabulous time we had.

I wish I could share the finished photos with you, or give you more info but I've been sworn to secrecy!

Well, maybe just a few teasers until the campaign is launched next year...

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Smart Top and Skirt, Woolworths Economy Knits 23, c. 1940s

I love this 1940's look so much - some of my favourite vintage detailing is in this pattern; strong shoulders, puffed sleeves and a belted waist. The model looks so sweet, isnt her hair lovely?

This pattern is knitted on fingering weight yarn on 3.25mm and 2.75mm needles. To fit 32/34 inch bust, 27 inch waist and 36 inch hips.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Your advice requested!

On the weekend we hit the Rock and Roll Markets for the last dance of the year, and I picked up this gorgeous 1940's silk dress for $10!
(I think the lovely Pia from Vintage Allsorts was just being nice because I was so taken with it)

 Its everything I love in a 1940s dress - washable silk, gathers at the front so it fits my wide hips and contrast bakelite buttons!
The front actually closes with hooks and eyes, the buttons are just decorative.

It has a couple of issues which I can deal with, but I'm really stumped with how to treat some brownish stains - they might be tea??

I hand washed it in wool-wash, and the stains didn't budge. Normally I would use Napi-san/Oxy, but the bleach would turn the silk yellow.

Close up of hooks and eyes, with stains near the buttons

Does anyone have a good solution for removing unknown stains from vintage silk?
Has anyone tried glycerine and white spirits? (recommended in my Spotless book).

I really need some advice - thank you all in advance!
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