Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Week - Simple All-Season Crochet Gloves, c. 1940s

"Even a beginner could make these perfectly fitting crochet gloves which are worked in a simple, effective stitch throughout."

I love knitted and crocheted gloves from Bestway No.787 - and wouldnt these make a lovely pair to gift someone? Its Summer down here in Australia/NZ (and the entire Southern Hemisphere), and Winter up north - lucky these gloves are light enough for warm weather and warm enough for cold.

Crocheted on Lavenda 2-ply (light fingering) using a size 11 crochet hook.


Desiree said...

Thanks for sharing! I may be able to crochet one or two presents this year but I think everyone will be getting eatables from me :) Can't believe it's almost December already.

Raisa said...

I found this pattern on ravelry and fell in love with it! I really want to crochet these but I'm not sure about the hook size or the stitches. I live in Sweden and use the metric mm hooks and the sizes are different depending on where you look them up. I also wanted to ask if the stitches are in UK or US terms.
You don't have to post this but I would really appreciate it if you could mail me. (Lovely blog by the way!).

Best regards,

Bex said...

Hi Raisa,

This is definitely a British/UK pattern.

I'm afraid I can't help you at all with the terms as I don't know crochet (only knitting) sorry!!

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