Thursday, November 08, 2012

Biscay, Men's Patterned Jumper in Two Sizes, c. 1940s

Its time for another free vintage knitting pattern - and this time its for a lovely men's jumper from the 1940s (Patons Requested Reprints R.14).

I really like the elegant stitch - and the pattern even makes mention to knitting a 'tie-keeper' on the inside neck edge. Cute!

In chest sizes 37-38 inches, and 41-42 inches.


BusyLizzie said...

I think this is pretty cool, but hubby would never wear it if I made it!!

Lucy said...

What a stylish looking chap!! :o)

Lisa said...

Ooh, very early 40s AND its in Totem - love a chunkier yarn. Might see if the man wants me to knit it for him, though I've heard making a jumper for a loved one is a curse on the relationship....heh. might just make it for me, for when I'm in one of my butchish landgirl moods.


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