Monday, September 24, 2012

Teardrop Angora Beret, c. 1950s

I love the way 1950s knitting patterns are styled - everyone looks like a high-fashion model, and you can too if you just knit this jumper/cardigan/dress/beret.

This some-what bizarre beret pattern is from Woman's Illustrated Gift Booklet No. 2 (Autumn Knitting), and would only need 2 balls of Patons Fuzzy Wuzzy Angora - thats about 30 grams of a fingering weight angora.

What a cheap yet luxurious present for someone - its nearly time to start Christmas knitting...


Knitting-twitter said...

what a great Beret, thank you very much for sharing,
all the best,

Sølvi said...

What a lovely pattern, I get the urge to run out and get a hold on some delicious angora just this minute... Thanks for sharing! :-)

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