Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Latest Yarn Shades, for 1938

Have you ever wondered what colour 'Ionian Green' is? What about 'Thrift' or 'Larkspur'?

Here's a colour card from 1938 - 'the Latest Shades for Bathing Costumes & Sports Wear' that I couldnt wait to share with you!

Its a lovely look at what colours were popular (in the UK) during the late thirties - I hope they prove useful to anyone trying to reproduce their own vintage knits.
(I'm going to use it to match the colours from my modern shade cards to the vintage equivalents).



Andi B. Goode said...

Oh wow! This is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing it. Seems my love of peach and mint green is very period accurate then. ;)
-Andi x

Bex said...

Ooh mint green and peach - yum!

Eva said...

Oh, that's really cool.

garofit said...

Such a great find! It looks as if the shades are nice and bright (it is '38 after all), with some more muted options in the last column. I would looove to come across something like this for early and mid thirties too- just imagine!

bittersweetsusie said...

Just found your blog today! I LOVE IT! This post is so helpful. I have many vintage and repro patterns and have a HECK of a time deciding on colors. I look forward to more posts!

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