Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fifties Fair Day, Rose Seidler House

I can't remember when I first I started going to the Fifities Fair - but I do know that this year was very different to previous years! (full Flickr Set here)

They had limited the ticket sales to 2,500 people (online only), and reduced the stalls from over thirty to just thirteen.

This had the nice effect of it not being so crowded you had to fight your way through the masses of people,  but I do feel bad for the stall holders who didnt get the same turn over as last year.

One of my favourite people, Christine from Classic Vintage was there (she was a crack-up at Viva earlier this year), her range of men's vintage can't be beaten!

Jakk decides to get the amazing 1950's slacks

And as for my haul this year - nothing note worthy! My favourite sewing-notions and jewellery stalls wern't there, and I came home with a couple of 1940's magazines and a fan.

We did get a lot of dancing in - our favourite band 'The ReChords' were here again from Melbourne.

My Outfit:

Dress: Vintage Nylon Pique, from Raleigh Vintage on Etsy
Hat: Stetson Fifth Avenue, an amazing bargin on Etsy
Cardigan: Goodwill, Haight and Ashbuy, San Francisco
Pearls: my Nan
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Wicker Handbag: markets

I got up early and hot-tonged my hair into curls, brushed out, and pinned one side behind my ear.

Overall, i'm not sure if we'll go again next year. The markets and people watching make up a big part of the Fair for us - not to mention they moved the dancing area to a slope?!?! and we looked like drunken sailors.

I know I say it every year, but if you've never been to the Fifties Fair make sure you go next year!


MistressCatgirl said...

You two look great! Love the red hue of your hair and the dress is lovely.

Knitting-twitter said...

oh yes, you do look great and only to have such a fair is fantastic, I wish, we would that have in Switzerland too but I am really happy that you have got it.
All the best, Christa

Vintage Grrl said...

The pre-sale only and the reduction of stalls is the main reason I didn't go this year. I understand WHY they've done it, but I do think they're shooting themselves in the foot.

You look gorgeous, as always! Next time you see Christine, say hi for me.. :D We go WAY back :D

garofit said...

Great outfit, and the hat looks amazing on you.

Barn House Antiques said...

You look amazing!

I didn't go this year, however, I was glad to hear that they limited the number of tickets, I hated the crowds, but it is weird about the stalls. You would think that it is disappointing for the people who like to go to it specificly to shop!

Lynne said...

That hat is incredible Bex and suits you so well.
Glad I didn't go now if there were so few stalls, people watching and shopping is the best thing about the fair.

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