Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fashion Supplement, December 1938

Another lovely Fashion Supplement from Good Needlework December 1938, filled with pretty frocks, blouses and suits.

I hope you find them as interesting as I do!

I love the sitting model's shoes - they look like very cute flats!

I think this page is my favourite - I love the stripey frock in the middle, and the outfit on the far right is something i'd definitely wear to work.

Monogrammed nighties - yes please!


Knitting-twitter said...

hi, you know how to water one's mouth,
such beautiful dresses and nighties..
have a great weekend and all the best

MistressCatgirl said...

There are all so lovely. I really like the beach wear and sleeping gowns.

RedBottom shoe said...

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Rebecca said...

Stumbled upon your site looking for other ladies excited about/working on Simplicity 1777 (the newest vintage re-release). Just wanted to tell you I really dig this site. Bookmarked!

sew vala said...

Oh my I am not sure I could choose a favourite, they are all so lovely. Thank you.

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