Sunday, July 01, 2012

Home Front - War Time Sydney Exhibition

If you havent been to the Home Front exhibition at the Museum of Sydney yet, make sure you plan on going before it ends on 9 September - its well worth it!
Vintage Lambswool Jumper, op shop. Bag, Surry Hills
Market. Blouse, made by me. Pants, Retrospect.

Jakk and I finally had a day spare this weekend and checked it out - its a trove of 1940s memorabillia, clothes and even a re-created lounge room complete with airplane wall paper and ration books.
1940's Sweetheart Brooch, Etsy. Scarf, San Fran can't remember.

Its easy to forget that Sydney came under attack by Japanese submarines during the War, and the exhibition has photos of the damage to houses in the eastern suburbs as well.

My favourite piece would have to be the knitted american flag jumper that a woman made, to welcome the new US troops that were being stationed here (its tiny in real-life, she must have been very petite!).

A War exhibit isnt  complete without posters and propaganda.

A really enjoyable and interesting exhibition - its on until 9 September at the Museum of Sydney on the corner of Bridge and Phillip streets.

Don't regret missing out!

This photo isn't part of the exhibition, its in Jannali next to
an antiques store!


Andi B. Goode said...

Oh, I'm jealous! I would love to see this exhibition. That knitter American flag jumper is great!
-Andi x

Laurence said...

Seems to be a nice exhibition but so far away from my french home!
I also visit some WWII stuffs this week-end with a 40's style of course, check this post:

MistressCatgirl said...

That looks like it would be a great learning experience. I love the nurse's dress. The color is unusual for that time period.

Love your hair. I need learn to do it like that.

Lucy said...

What a great exhibit - shame I live in England - great photos :o)

Solveig said...

That looks like fun! The airplane wallpaper and flag jumper are great!

I love how you do your hair with scarves. I've seen so many cute looks on you and I wish I could pull it off!

Desiree said...

This is fantastic. so great you got to see i. I love the sweater. Thanks for sharing!

Bex said...

I wish all of you were here in Sydney to see it - plus then we could have an amazing day out! heheh

Emma said...

how funny I have my picture taken in front of the victory jobs poster aswell!! We went to check out the exhibition yesterday and I just loved it!!

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