Monday, July 09, 2012

Fashion Inspiration from 1940

My local chain store Spotlight (how I love to hate you) just had a crazy sale on vintage quilt prints, so I picked up quite a bit to make some late 30s - early 40s dresses and blouses.
My favourite has to be the 3rd from the left - blue and orange cherries!

And then today I received five copies of Good Needlework Magazines from the same era - all with their fashion supplements for well-timed inspiration.

Here's the fashion supplement from March 1940, which I think is really sweet.

I did wonder about these designs, and how much fabric, lace and buttons they used (the war had been on for about two years at this stage) - but it turns out fabric rationing didnt start until June 1941.

I really love that little tennis frock on the right, and the way she's wearing her scarf.

I hope you like them!


MistressCatgirl said...

Your fabrics are great! All of the clothing here is so cute. Don't know if all of it would be flattering on my but they look great.

Lucy said...

That fabric is amazing. We don't get anything half as wonderful over here in England. The magazines were an amazing find, the images are so beautiful.

Eva said...

I'm very fond of the second frabric from the left, but the cherreis are also adorable.

Thanks for posting the fashion magazine too, one can always use more inspirational pictures :)

Eva said...

I also need to check my spelling at this tim ein the morning apparently.

Solveig said...

Those fabrics are amazing!! My favorite has to be the one to the top right, but the blue and orange cherries come in at a good second.

eileensbasement said...

We have very similar fabric taste; I have the floral print on the top right, only mine has a spring green background and I recently made a dress with the exact same blue with orange and red cherries fabric! I love the other ones you got too. It was a really great line of fabric. I ended up with one of the plaids which I hope to sew up soon. Can't wait to see what you make with them!

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