Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Curvy Month Pattern - Lattice Yoked Jumper, c.1940s

This lovely design comes from an undated Stitchcraft Magazine, simply called 'Large Sizes'.

Its a great example of War-era knitting, with the lighter-shade lattice design great for using up scraps and leftovers. Side note - how great is her hair?

Sized to fit a 38-40 and 40-42 inch bust - expect to see this on my needles in the next year (fingers crossed).


Vintage Grrl said...

OOOOH that is nice! Once I've reduced my size so that a 40-42 is an option, this will be knit! Brilliant!

(Thank you for all of the patterns you post... they're fantastic)

naftalina said...

I just descovered your blog aans I love it...

check it out! redenou.blogspot.com.es

Lilacrosesandthemoon said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of the vintage patterns. I would love to see if I could make this one but I am unable to figure out what size needles I would use in US sizes. I have a chart that lists the US to British. Would that work? Thanks again.

Bex said...

Hi there! Yes, they're UK sizes, so your conversion chart should work ;)

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