Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sydney Festival First Night - Trocadero Dance Palace

Cowboy, some friends and myself braved the crowds on Saturday night to check out the Sirens Big Band playing at the Trocadero Dance Palace. (It was Sydney Festival First Night, where everything is free)

Best. Night. Ever. So much dancing!

The Troc was a dance hall that ran in Sydney from 1936 - 1970, which had a full brass band that played swing, lindy, cha-cha and rockabilly. It was closed and demolished in 1971, but every year as part of the Sydney Festival they bring it back to life with a series of dance nights.
Last year we saw The Royal Crown Review, but due to increased costs I don't think we'll make any paid events this year.

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The Sirens Big Band is an all-female jazz brass band, and they went off! The dancers they had out the front were so acrobatic, I don't know how they managed to dance all night. A lot of people in the crowd were dancing and energy was so joyful and fun.

We need to get as much dance practice in as possible before we hit Viva Las Vegas - can't believe our trip is only 11 weeks away!

Next event up, Lady Luck Festival, Katoomba 28 January 2012.

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Emma said...

I soo wanted to go to this on Saturday but the hubby and I were both exhausted after finishing work! Ahh well there's always next year. x

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