Monday, November 28, 2011

1940's Style for You - Vintage Knitting Pron

There's nothing better than stumbling on vintage knitting pr0n!
1940's Style for You knits 1940's jumpers from original patterns, and are a goldmine for lovely knit-wear images. And she blogs over here...

All of these images are from their Facebook site - I believe the owner knits the jumpers to order, but only in the original size.



I recognise some of the patterns because I have them in my own collection/Etsy store - I really like the 5th one with the bow-tie neck. Maybe one day I can pay someone to knit for me, but right now i'm slogging away...

...on the Jumper of Doom. Seriously, I'm knitting the Travelling Man Jumper for Cowboy and its taken me a month just to do the shawl collar.

I'm itching to start something for me, but she want's a grandpa-jumper so bad that I promised I wouldnt start something else until its done.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bettina, 1950s multi-sized cardigan

Today's free vintage knitting pattern is from Patons 283, circa 1950s.

Nothing beats a plain v-neck cardigan - especially when it's all sizes 32-41 inches!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Short Hair Aspiration - Vintage Style

On the weekend we braved the crowds (and a Royal visit) to check out Sculpture By the Sea. It was so hot, muggy and packed with people - even at 9am!

I would love these Easter Island heads - arnt they tiki-tastic?

The heat really made me think about what to do with my hair (hello head scarf). I would really love to grow my hair into the hairstyle below - isnt it divine? It looks pretty easy to maintain as well.

She's from Stitchcraft June 1949. I think I'm going to take the picture with me when I go see my hairdresser in a few weeks.
And here's the knitting pattern for the top as well...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tristan, striped angora jumper - Patons c.1950

Today's free vintage knitting pattern is from a 1950s Paton's Knitting book.

I just love fuzzy angora stripes! Her hair's pretty stylin' too...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Open Work Jumper, Lincoln Mills c. late 30s/early 40s

Today's free vintage knitting pattern is from Lincoln Mills Knitting Book 667.
The designs seem to be from the start of World War Two (early 1940s) however, there is something unusual about this knitwear model.

I think she may be of Asian or Japanese heritage, which is very uncommon for older knitting publications (anglo-caucasion mostly). I don't think Lincoln Mills would have used her as a model once Japan allied itself with Germany in September 1940 - most ethnic Japanese were rounded up and interned in Australia during 1941. Part of the reason i'm sharing this pattern is to show a non-caucasian vintage image.

Enough history - onto the knitting!

I love how airy and comfortable this jumper looks, not to mention a neck bow tie. Puff sleeves are always a winner too!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Snow Train, Monarch Yarns circa. 1942

Today's free vintage knitting pattern comes frm a Monarch Yarns Booklet - but I can't remember the name, apologies. Its from 1942 and is for a lovely ski-set.

I WISH it got this cold in Australia - imagine wearing a little fair-isle head band to keep your ears warm?
I do think you'd get sweat band hair very quickly though.

This pattern is for all you see here - knitted cardigan (32-34-36 inch busts), head band, scarf and matching mittens.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Freddies of Pinewood - Dungaree Dolls

After seeing these in person a few months ago, I knew I had to have a pair!

I was a bit worried about the sizing as they were very expensive to get sent to Australia, only to have to return them for a different size. I neednt have worried - my waist is (currently) 34.5 inches, so I got the 34 and they fit perfectly.

The only issue was the weird excess fabric on the bib. I think they sized them up for busty girls with football player's shoulders.

Whats with that excess fabric??

I ended up pinching out the excess, and moving it down to the sides of the bust - then carefully sewing darts on the sides, matching their topstitching lines.


I am utterly in love with them, and even wore them yesterday when it was 32 degrees!

The above outfit is what I wore to see Lanie Lane on Friday - if you havent heard her music, you're missing out! Here's a clip of one of my favourites, "Thats's what you get for falling in love with a Cowboy"...

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