Sunday, October 30, 2011

And the winner is....


If you can just reply to this post with your email address or someway to contact you that would be great. I'll post them out to you this week.

Thanks for letting me know what's on your needles, it always interesting to see what others are knitting ;)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

How much difference can a good hair cut make?

A big one!
I used to always see my dykey hairdresser at Justcuts (cheap and good for short hair) but now my hair's getting longer I really needed to get a proper style cut and plan for the future.

I had some trepidations about going after the disaster hair-do I got from Leopard Lounge (I won't go on about it, lets just say she doesnt do 'real' vintage, and leave it there).

I'd heard a tonne of good things about Stirlings, and here is the final result. Thank-you James!

Clip from Mimco
Its hard to see in this photo, but he set some really cute curls behind my ears (my fringe looks huge, but its the angle of the photo). 

I'm hot, tired and need a coffee

James explained how I should do three layers of curls for my fringe, and really took his time discussing where to take my hair from here. It was also the first blow-dry i'd had in about ten years.

Did I mention their salon is vintage-mazing?

And the next day - my hair still looked ok and the cut was managable. As you can tell, i'm pretty happy!

Top from Dangerfield

Loving the back!

Not sure why it looks asymmetrical, but its

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Knitting Giveaway Time

With the temperature rising down here in Australia, its time for another giveaway. Its getting much to hot to knit garments (31 degrees today) but its not too hot to dream of shoulder pads, intricate cables and general vintage goodness.

This collection of knitting patterns is from the mid-late 1940s, and includes designs with sizes ranging from 34 to 42 inches.

1. A lovely cabled cardigan (with long or short sleeves) from Copley's (34 inch)
2. Woman's Weekly Home Knitting Booklet, for all the family (34 inches generally)
3. Cardigan in Bell Stitch (38 inch and 42 inch)
4. Embossed stitch jumper, from Bestway (34-36 inch, and 37-39inch)

To enter, just reply in the comments that you would like them, and maybe tell me whats on your needles right now (or what you wish was on your needles).

Entries close noon, 28 October (aussie time). Winner is chosen at random.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love Vintage fair round up

This is my absolute favorite Vintage Fair to go to, and I'm really glad that I finally got to attend the opening night. It's always a toss up between getting in first on the Friday, or looking for possible reduced prices on the Sat/Sun.
Kim (my partner in crime) contemplates some repro-

My inner barginista normally chooses the latter option, but I think my opinion's changed after last night - no crowds!

Please excuse the iPhone shots, it's hard to get decent photos inside there...
I did wear that cardigan! 1940s beret off Etsy. Scarf, opshop.
Bracelets, Mimco.

My favorite stall for nic-nacks has to be Barnhouse Antiques - loved their stuff, and they're awesomely friendly people too! (hello again!).

There were some great clothes stands (Love Me or Leave Me, and Classic Vintage were the standouts) and some really over priced ones as well. I'm always amazed people are asking for $300+ for a printed cotton 1950's dress when you can find them on Etsy/online for much cheaper.

Vintage Tip - look for something you're familiar with, i.e a 1950's white beaded cardigan, and see how much the seller is asking for it. If the price is reasonable, odds are the rest of their stuff is too.

I didnt get anything on my vintage shopping list (wicker 1950's handbag, black beaded cardigan or vintage western belt) but I did come away with some lovely finds.

I wish I could have bought a whole set of those pin-up playing cards! I'm going to frame these ones. Just like Andi, I love Gayware and couldnt go past some teal cannisters. I bought the 1920's xylonite 'Studs' box for Jakk, it matches her 'Ties' one.

Couldnt go past the super-cute crocheted shopping bag - Art deco? Forties? Not sure.
The green carved plastic bracelet is my current favourite and I havent taken it off all weekend.

My shopping adventures wouldnt be complete without a knitting pattern purchase - or seven. I've been chasing Hollywood Knitting and the Madam Weigels "Cushions and Doilies" for ages - very happy i've got them in my collection now.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

FO: (Not so) Cherry Cardigan, c.1939

*please excuse the 'arty' photos, I got Fin to take them and he loves angles*

Shoes, Endless. Skirt, me! Belt, opshop. Necklace,

Pattern: Grandstand Cardigan
(the original from here, the reproduction here).

Yarn: Spotlight Basics Merinos

The Good:
I love this! Its a relatively easy but long knit (hello rib), and has puff sleeves. Puff sleeves with little shoulder pads!
I'm really happy with the fit and length as well. I can't go on enough about how much I love the shoulder pads.
Despite being from Spotlight, the yarn feels really nice and I think it'll wear well.

The vintage buttons are from Etsy, and are nice and heavy.

The Bad:
The Red Heart version of the pattern is shocking. Its badly written and has annoying mistakes, such as:
- gauge. The RH version gives the gauge for rib thats slightly stretched, but if you calculated the amount of stitches used by the gauge, its much too big. Try 8 inches of positive ease too big! I made the size 36, but could have gone a bit small I think. TIP - make the next size down if you're going to do this.

-armhole depth. Much too deep, I shortened the overall depth by 1 1/2 inches front and back. Didnt need to adjust the sleeves as they were fine.

- button hole placement. They didnt change the space between the buttonholes to compensate for larger sizes. I ended up adding another button hole but that was fine.

Armhole depth (as above), extra button hole (as above) and added in a grosgrain ribbon backing to the button holes.

I made up one cherry for the shoulders, but didnt like how it looked - a bit too arts and craft for my taste.

Overall, I love this cardigan. The miles of boring rib paid off, and I know i'll wear it heaps more next year with high waisted skirts.

I won two free tickets to the Love Vintage Fair tonight at Canterbury (thanks Circa Vintage!), and instead of wearing a 1950s outfit i'm contemplating doing a 1930's look just so I can wear that cardigan...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coming soon... Cherry Cardigan!

Thats right - its in the process of being sewn up! Pics to come soon...

1950s Hairpin Lace Scarf from Minerva

Todays free vintage knitting pattern is actually hairpin crochet - I love the expression on the model's face!

Its from Minerva Hair Pin Lace, circa 1955.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Knitted Vest and Panties, c.1950s

Todays free vintage knitting pattern is also from Sentinel Knitting for Winter, circa 1950s.

I just think these look so delicate I had to share - to fit a 34 inch bust and up to a 38 inch hip.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Fashions for Summer, October 1953

These are from a copy of the Australian Women's Mirror, 1953, that I picked up on the weekend.

The one on the right looks like a Horrockses inspired number
- and loving the men's anchor shirt!

Hope you can find some inspiration from a brief peek into a 1950's Australian Summer...
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