Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knitted Lace Evening Shawl, Sentinel Knitting c.1950s

Todays free vintage knitting pattern comes from Sentinel. I've never come across that pattern brand before, but I believe its British.

Its a lovely shawl - but I wonder how someone would actually keep it on like that all night!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fido the pin-hound, from Stitchcraft February 1933

Today's free vintage knitting pattern isnt knitting at all - its a pin and needle keeper for your dressing table! I'd love to make one of these for myself, lord knows I keep losing my sewing needles everywhere.
If only I had a dressing table to put it on...

The body of the poodle is made with sawdust, and the pins are hidden under the long coat.

This pattern featured in Stitchcraft February 1933 - this makes it the fifth issue of Stitchcraft to be published - they started printing in October 1932.

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Short hair styling - adventures in growing out my hair

I can't get over how long my hair is now, and i'm alternating between loving it and wanting to cut it all off again.

My main issue is what to do with the back besides just bobby-pinning it down or wearing a scarf.
And don't get me started on how difficult to manage it is when i've washed it - I forgot all about that! Having short hair for the last 12 years means remembering the hard way.

*excuse the morning face*

I re-coloured my hair last night (once a week I use Hot Chili Fudge as a stain to keep the colour vibrant), and set the front and sides in fingerwave clips. I wish I could do the back, but its really hard and I think sleeping in the clips would be really annoying anyway.

I set one side in waves down behind my ear, and the other side in a wave down my face ending with a curl over my ear.
Clip from Mimco, Scarf from OpShop

I'm not sure that fingerwaves are the most flattering for my round face, but at least my hair is tamed for another day.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gingham Summer Dress, Rock and Roll Markets

Wow - yesterday got up to 30 degrees, which is 7 above average for early spring. This summer is going to be a scorcher!

It was also the first Rock and Roll Markets of the season, so I got to try out my new gingham halterneck dress.

Dress, Etsy. Belt, myself. Shoes, Endless. Necklace, op-
shop. Umbrella - Cotton On. Shrug, Target.

I'm not normally a fan of halterneck dresses (big bust + halterneck bra = neck pain) but this one is so much fun to wear! I think may take it Las Vegas next year.
I think the audience in the front row may have got an eyeful of my knickers when I was dancing though.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Land Girl Sweater KAL

Tasha over at By Gum By Golly is thinking of doing a KAL for Debbie Bliss's Land Girl Sweater.

This one has been in my queue since it was first published, and I missed out on getting the magazines it was available in. Then I found a copy of Debbie Bliss Knitting with the pattern at Vinnies for 50c, which was an amazing score.

Tasha is looking at knitting it in the round and doing steeks (scary!), over 3-4 months. I wonder if I can fit it in between everything else i'm knitting at the moment?

I wonder what colours to use?

I do like the colours in these ones (from The Vintage Knitting Lady)

Maybe I could take follow the inspired colour combinations the original owner wrote out for this pattern (from here)

Jamaica, Pacific, Alpine Green, Geisha and Corsica ?

Black as a base for sure, but the other colours?
Ideas anyone?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Shortie Gloves, from Lux Knitting 1951

 So cute! These are on my list for next winter for sure.

Today's free vintage knitting pattern comes from the Australian version of Lux Knitting, 1951.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

So what's been happening in August?

I realised that I havent really said what i've been up to in a few weeks, so here's a quick update:

- Halfway up the back of my 1930's-inspired Cherry Cardigan (yep, thats the floor of my office). The rib was a killer until I got to the armhole split, but now its flying off the needles. I MUST finish it by the end of September so I can start Cowboy's Xmas present.

- Moxie posted about getting shoes from Endless - free postage to Australia?! I just bought a few pairs of work shoes including these lovelies. Leather + Oxford + Wedge = WIN!

- Cowboy has decided she doesnt wants the 3-ply jumper anymore, and would like the Travelling Man Sweater from Blue Moon Fibre. On the plus side, its 5 ply and a faster knit.
Downside, I now have heaps of 3-ply wool I probably wont use for anything.

Rights to Ann Berk

- This summer is going to be all about culottes and playsuits (didnt I say that last year?). I finally cut out the pattern for my playsuit, and have the best fabric to try it with. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Big Ben Bluebird Sweater, circa late 50s/early 60s

Big Ben Knitting - Children of the Corn Edition.
Creepy face much?

Today's free vintage knitting pattern seems to be Paton's take on the popular Mary Maxim's bulky graph-knit jumpers from the late 50s, early 60s. I know its a children's jumper, but its still sorta cool in that ski-lodge-kitsch kinda way.

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