Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skirts to flatter every figure - Box Pleat Skirt Instructions, circa 1957

Finally, I've gotten my hands on two Enid Gilchrist sewing books and had to share this skirt pattern with you.

I've been asked a few times about how I made the pleated dirndl skirts, it was almost exactly as Enid described in the below booklet.

Click to embiggen

These skirts are so easy to make, you can literally turn one out in a few hours. Why are you still waiting - go make one now!

Enid Gilchrist was an amazing pattern designer and drafter - she published many books and magazines from 1940 - 1970. During the late 50s and 60s she worked with New Idea magazine to produce pattern and drafting books (like mine above) so that sewers could produce the latest fashions at home.

Her pattern booklets are amazing, and typify the fashions of the late 50s-early 60s.

Turn over every leaf

Cos there might be gold underneath!

Cowboy and I hit a few Vinnies op-shops yesterday (open on a Public Holiday, I love you St Vincent De Paul), we didnt have much luck until the gold mine of Bankstown - just around the corner from my house incidentally.

I glanced high up on a shelf and saw this 60s pink piece of plastic and knew we struck gold.

Vintage portable hair styling goodness. For $5. Did I mention that its pink?

I hope everyone had some nice days off, and ate a lot of chocolate (i'm insanely jealous of anyone at Viva Las Vegas right now).
I'm back at work today, and hopefully will get some time to myself this week to go through a massive alterations pile next to my sewing machine. This is why I rarely sew for friends - it takes me ages to get around to it! I have promised myself no more personal sewing until its done in an attempt to get it finished...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Give-away winners!

Chosen completely at random:
Carly Sews for winning the sewing patterns (yay, another femme-vintage-homo!)
Modern Suzie for winning the knitting pattern stash.

Neither of the above winners mentioned the Lux booklet, so the bonus prize goes to Tart Deco!

Congrats! And thanks to everyone who entered, I got to check out some really interesting blogs in the process.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Counting down the hours to the weekend...

cos a group of us are finally getting to Jump, Jive and Wail!

Its the third friday of every month at the Chambers Hotel in Sydney. Our Rockabilly teachers (Jimmy and Margie) are the DJs and they are awesome, so i'm pretty sure the night is going to be awesome too!

And then tomorrow, we're hitting the Sydney Vintage Clothing show.
Jakk is really looking forward to it, its her first time going so we're rocking up as soon as the doors open. (Every day I thank my lucky stars that Jakk loves vintage shopping as much as I do - thank you Universe!).

Every time its on I think i'll only need 2 hours to do the show - who am I kidding? I've planned on 4 hours this time...

Patons 321 - Designs in Angora, circa mid 50s

I had to share both of these, the first (Morning Dew) is so sweet with that little black bow but i'm seriously tempted to knit Dream Land because it looks perfect for vintage dresses...
(side note, dont you hate it when someone writes the price on the pattern in permanent marker!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Give-away time!!!!

Yes, my first ever give-away, and there are two prizes, plus a bonus!

I'm not asking anyone to follow me, promote me or stand on their head - all you have to do is leave a comment telling me which one you want, knitting or sewing. I'll pick the winners at random (overseas is fine). Entries close 17 April at 6pm EST.

To win the bonus prize, tell me why you want it as well! ;)

1. Vintage Knitting
Late 40s to mid 60s, some highlights include Patons 435 from the 50s, with amazingly over the top poses and hair. Sun-Glo 119 is full of knitted dresses from the late 40s, how practical (tongue in cheek).

2. Vintage Sewing
A nice selection of dates (40s to 60s), mostly size 34 however the sailor sheath dress is bust 38.

Extra bonus!!!! - 1940's Lux Knitting!
This is probably the best issue of Lux (imho). Its the Australian edition, with beautiful cardigans, sweaters and 'family' items - not to mention the advertisements scream 40s! Lux's are highly collectable, and can go for crazy prices on Ebay - turns out I had two copies of this beauty, so instead of selling it i'd rather give it away to someone who really wants it.

Good luck

Sunday, April 03, 2011

The $8 dress

Wow, I think the Salvos on Prospect Hway (Seven Hills) is my new favourite OpShop! I got this early 60s acetate shirtwaist dress for $8 - and its my size! (well, after I took it in an inch). I never find vintage dresses in my size (unlike my size 8 friend Kim).
Its a home-made number, but a lot of care was taken by whoever made it - I love the perma-press pleats in the skirt.

I'm still not sure about wearing dresses out during the day, it feels uber-femme and i'm not quite i'm ok with that yet. I much prefer a pair of black jeans, scarf and a cute t-shirt.

I did wear it out to the Rock and Roll Markets in Tempe with the Cowboi.
Major disappointment - most of the good stallholders had disappeared and so had the crowds... I'm just hoping that people were saving themselves for the Love Vintage Fair in a couple of weeks at Canterbury.
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