Sunday, November 20, 2011

Short Hair Aspiration - Vintage Style

On the weekend we braved the crowds (and a Royal visit) to check out Sculpture By the Sea. It was so hot, muggy and packed with people - even at 9am!

I would love these Easter Island heads - arnt they tiki-tastic?

The heat really made me think about what to do with my hair (hello head scarf). I would really love to grow my hair into the hairstyle below - isnt it divine? It looks pretty easy to maintain as well.

She's from Stitchcraft June 1949. I think I'm going to take the picture with me when I go see my hairdresser in a few weeks.
And here's the knitting pattern for the top as well...


Vintage Grrl said...

When my hair is short, that is my go-to style. Known as a "Baby" cut.

This is a similar style that I did with mine a while ago :D

It'll suit you SO much.. and yes, is very easy to maintain :D

Bex said...

Oh thanks Tia! I'm going to check out your tutorial right now!

Pamina said...

Thank you so much for this pattern! There's a grossly over-sized 'update' of it in Jane Waller's 'Knitting patterns of the 1940s', which I've been trying to downsize again to borrow the stitch pattern (myself and a few other ravelers in the 'Foyle's War' group have been trying to recreate one of the cardigans from the series with a very similar sprayed bobble stitch). This is a huge help, so thanks again :)

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